What is ducted air conditioning?

If you're in desperate need of a new air conditioner but feel overwhelmed by all the different choices, then worry no more.

When it comes to air conditioning, you will find yourself needing to choose between having a ducted or ductless air conditioning system installed. Both air conditioners are effective at heating up or cooling down spaces, but that is where their similarities end and differences begin.

We're here to give you a full rundown on ducted air conditioners so that you can be sure it is right for your location before purchasing. Keep reading to find out how they work and why they make a great investment!

What is a ducted air conditioner?

A ducted air conditioning system is a central air conditioner in which air is treated in a central unit and then sent through a series of internal ducts by fans into a number of rooms or an entire home.

Usually, the ducted air conditioner will be concealed in the ceiling or roof so that they are entirely invisible except for grilles that can be installed virtually anywhere in a room.

It is important to note that this kind of air conditioning will keep all rooms at a uniform temperature, meaning that you cannot choose how hot or cool you want a required area of the location.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Ducted air conditioning systems work by using a refrigerant to move heat between rooms. Air is prepared by being fanned over a refrigerant and then fanned back into the room.

What makes ducted system air conditioning different is that a singular unit can control the heating and cooling of an entire house, whereas other models require heating units which only air condition one room each.

Where to use ducted air conditioners

A ducted air conditioning system is most commonly used to regulate the temperature of large spaces, such as warehouses, shopping centres, and schools. However, they are increasingly being used around the home, thanks to their minimalist design and easy installation.

If you want every room of the house to remain at a comfortable and stable level of heating, then a ducted air conditioner is a perfect choice!

The benefits of having a ducted air conditioning system

Installation and running costs

One of the biggest benefits of a ducted air conditioner is that it does not cost a lot in terms of being installed and ongoing maintenance. Because the system only requires a single unit, it tends to cost much less to set up than a split system, which requires many different units.

Because of how they have been designed, ducted air conditioners are also more energy-efficient, which reduces the running costs compared to the majority of alternatives, such as split-system air conditioners.

Discreet design

Because only one conditioning system is needed to control the heating and cooling across an entire house or building, ducted air conditioners tend to be very discreet.

The system is usually completely out of sight, hiding in a ceiling or roof space, meaning that the only hint of an air conditioner is grilles in each room.

The only conspicuous part of ducted air conditioners is the outdoor unit, which can be installed somewhere out of sight of any visitors.

Minimal noise

A ducted air conditioning system is miles quieter than any other air conditioner on the market. The main conditioner may be noisy, but it is out of hearing range, meaning you can reap the benefits of its temperature control without having to put up with irritating noises.

Because each of the rooms using the system are only connected to it by an air duct, there is no reason why you would be bothered by noise.

Easy to control

What makes ducted air conditioning systems so popular is that they are simple to control.

If you want to heat up or cool down a large space, you can control the entire series of ducts connected to the main air conditioning with one controller. This means that a ducted air conditioner ideal for workspaces, public areas like libraries and museums, and even homes in the case that a single temperature can be agreed upon!

Easy to install

This kind of air conditioning is much easier to set up than other conditioning systems, as each duct can be mounted either on the wall or the ceiling, allowing for discretion, flexibility, and convenience!

As with all air conditioning, it is advisable to hire a specialist who will install all of the ducting and make sure everything will run as it should.

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