Carrier Air Conditioners

If there’s one name you should know in air conditioning, it’s Carrier. Founded by the inventor the modern air conditioning system – Willis Carrier – Carrier is a leading brand in air conditioning and refrigeration solutions the world over. We install Carrier air conditioning in Brisbane in both homes and commercial environments due to its energy efficiency and competitive pricing; Carrier is easily one of the best value-for-money brands on the market.

We are proud to install and service this historic brand at Sun City Air and have done so many times in the past, including in industrial settings.

Carrier Air Conditioning Installation

As one of the world leaders in the air conditioning industry, Carrier provides sustainable air conditioning solutions for a range of applications in ducted and inverter split system air conditioners. Wherever you need climate control, no matter the size of the space, there’s a Carrier air conditioner for you. At Sun City Air, our efficient technicians are more than capable of installing Carrier ducted air conditioning, split systems and much more.

Carrier Inverter Hi-Wall Split System Air Conditioner

The Inverter Hi-Wall is a Carrier split system air conditioner built for comfort and power saving. The inverter technology provides high efficiency and reliable operation. The Inverter Hi-Wall split system air conditioner also provides other features such as:
  • Brushless motor designed to use electricity efficiently and effectively
  • Rapid turbo heating and cooling, even when outside temperature are as high as 50°C or as low as -15°C
  • Follow Me function (a sensor built into the remote controller helps the air conditioner regulate the room temperature, based on the temperature around the remote controller)
  • Customisable air distribution with six air flows
  • 5-year warranty

Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning

For quiet and efficient operation, Carrier ducted air conditioning uses an indoor unit concealed in the roof with ducts that distribute air around the home. Meanwhile, the outdoor unit it situated outside of the building. This means your air conditioner is almost 100% hidden with flexible installation options.

Carrier has two ducted air conditioner models. The High Static Inverter Ducted AC system is suited for residential purposes, while the Slimline Inverter is best suited to commercial ceiling spaces including apartments and smaller offices.

Cassette Air Conditioning

Cassette air conditioners are employed in situations where there are no available walls for a split system unit and not enough overhead space for the complexity of a ducted unit. Cassette air conditioners are set into the ceiling, where they disperse cool or warm air from a high vantage point.

Carrier Air Conditioning Repairs and servicing brisbane

As one of our recommended brands, we carry our Carrier air conditioner services and repairs across Brisbane. Call us on (07) 3283 5566 to book your next service with Sun City Air, or if you require extensive repairs or servicing for your business, we offer obligation-free quotes online.