Carrier Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

When it comes to air conditioners - Carrier branded units certainly have a long legacy in the market and air conditioning industry.

Dedicated Carrier air conditioning system specialists

To ensure that your Carrier air conditioner is looked after properly, you should always have it serviced or repaired by a Carrier specialist. By doing this, you'll not only make sure that everything is handled correctly, but you also ensure that you don't void your warranty.

Our technicians have experience in servicing, repairing and installing all Carrier air conditioning systems. We have access to all available official Carrier parts - rather than potentially inferior after-market parts.

How often should I have my Carrier air conditioner serviced?

If you're investing in a high-quality air conditioner, you should make sure that you are taking care of it correctly so that you can enjoy its premium features to their highest capabilities. Taking care of an air conditioner properly involves regular servicing.

Even if your air conditioner appears to be running fine, it's still vital that you undertake a regular service. A service will allow a technician to identify and fix any problems before they escalate.

During a service, a technician will also change out the filter. Air conditioning filters should be regularly changed as they work to catch and filter out any dirt and debris in the room. Over time these substances build up and clog the air conditioner, meaning that it can't work as well as it should. If a filter isn't regularly changed, it can lead to serious problems with the air conditioner, and can even break the whole system.

We recommend that a Carrier air conditioner service should be carried out at least every six months in a commercial setting and annually in your home.

Carrier Ducted Air Conditioner System Repairs

Ducted air conditioners are ideal for large spaces because they can have large capacities and have the ability to allocate their cooling capacity dynamically through the use of zones. Zones allow you to cool certain areas (or rooms) whilst not cooling others. Depending on the areas that are being used and need cooling, certain sections can be turned on, and other areas left off.

Because of the many parts involved in ducted air conditioners, problems will occasionally arise that need repair services. Below are some problems that can arise with a ducted air conditioner system, that can be easily fixed with the help of our skilled Carrier technicians.

Common problems with ducted carrier air conditioning systems

Leaking ducts

Ducts play a vital role in ducted air conditioners and deliver cool air to zones of the house. Over time, tears or holes can develop as part of general wear and tear. If the cool air is escaping through these holes, rooms won't be able to cool as quickly as they should, and energy bills will be increased - as you are effectively cooling your roof space. Our technicians are experts in finding and fixing tears and holes - for Carrier air conditioners.

Controller Issues

Carrier ducted air conditioners are normaly controlled by a wired controller. The controller is usually wall-mounted in a central part of the house. While the controllers in Carriers are very high quality - occasionally there can be an issue with the screen not turning on - or displaying something incorrectly. Sometimes, this can be something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker. Other times there . Whatever the problem is, our Carrier trained technicians can identify and conduct a repair service fix it correctly and quickly.

Split system Carrier repairs

Though the parts that makeup split system air conditioners are generally simpler than ducted air conditioners, it's still common for problems to pop up from time to time. Fortunately, this can usually be easily fixed when help from an experienced air conditioner technician.

Below are some problems that can arise with a split system conditioner system, that can be easily fixed with the help of our skilled Carrier trained technicians.

Common problems with split system carrier air conditioners

A blocked evaporator

Over time a layer of dirt or grime may develop on the evaporator in your split system air conditioner. While this problem can be easily fixed by one of our Carrier trained technicians, they can wreak havoc on the system and cause a drop in the cooling efficiency, and put more stress on other areas of your system.

A damaged fan

Fans can fail for a number of reasons, including the build-up of dirt and debris within the system. If the fan isn't working properly, cool air won't be pushed around the room, decreasing the efficiency of the system. Our air conditioning technicians can quickly recognise what's causing the fan to fail, and correct the problem.

Carrier air conditioner maintenance tips

While all air conditioners should be serviced regularly, there are a few things you can do between services to make sure your air conditioning is running to its full potential.

  • Clean the outside coil of the unit regularly, so that grime doesn't build up and make its way inside.

  • Change the air filter yourself if you're running behind on regular servicing. An air conditioner will still require regular servicing, but if you're running a bit behind with your next servicing it's very important to ensure that the filter isn't changed and doesn't get clogged.

  • Make sure that vents are never blocked. This can happen when high furniture is placed in front of a vent.

Why choose Sun City Air?

Sun City Air is a family-run business that aims to deliver premium air conditioner services at affordable prices. Our team are experts in installation, repairing and servicing AC systems, and only works with high-quality and trusted brands. When engaging our services, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive great service and deal with employees with an excellent work ethic.

We are passionate about ensuring that our customers are treated fairly which is why we offer very reasonable prices, paired with top-tier services.

Other Carrier air conditioning services

Whether it's servicing or repairs you're after, if your air conditioning unit is a Carrier, then we have specialists that can help. We have skilled and certified technicians that can provide Carrier air conditioning systems in your home.

Our staff can help you decide on the right air conditioning solution for you. To find out more, you can contact us via email or phone to speak to a specialist.