Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

Fujitsu is universally known for making great appliances. Its air conditioners are no exception. Fujitsu is a high-quality brand that produces excellent airconditioners. The ducted Fujitsu air conditioners are amongst the best on the market, and they have a range of different air conditioning options to suit different needs.

Whether you're looking for a technologically advanced cooling system that is capable of working in a very large room, or if you're just after a trustworthy, reliable and energy-efficient ducted air conditioner to cool down a whole house, Fujitsu has something suitable.

Dedicated Fujitsu air conditioning system specialists

The way that air conditioners are built - and the parts that are used - varies dramatically between brands. So, if you have a Fujitsu air conditioner, you should only trust a technician who is familiar with the brand to handle your unit.

At Sun City Air we have technicians who are familiar with Fujitsu air conditioners on hand. These technicians have been trained specifically with air conditioners of this brand. They have access to the correct parts to ensure your system runs to the best of its abilities and will ensure your Fujitsu air conditioning unit is in the best shape possible.

Furthermore, if you enlist the help of just any AC technician, you could run the risk of completely voiding your air conditioning warranty. Because we have qualified technicians who are familiar with Fujitsu equipment, your warranty will remain intact when your system is repaired or serviced by us.

How often should I have my Fujitsu air conditioner serviced?

A Fujitsu air conditioner is a first-rate appliance, and it should be treated accordingly. This means regular servicing.

Regular servicing ensures that everything is running in your system as it should, and will allow a technician to detect any potential problems. When a problem is caught early with your air conditioner, it can save you monay. Even very small AC issues that are ignored can have a detrimental effect on your unit, and can sometimes cause the entire system to break, usually at an inconvenient time.

While it's strongly suggested to regularly service your air conditioner, you should be careful about who's help you enlist. A technician that isn't qualified or experienced enough to work with your particular system could cause more harm than good.

When it comes to servicing air conditioners - the rule of thumb is to have it done at least every six months in a commercial setting and annually domestically. More frequent air conditioner servicing may be necessary if:

  • there is higher usage,
  • an unfriendly operating environment; or
  • if you are particular about the cleanliness of your system and air quality.

Ducted Fujitsu Repairs

Below are some problems that can arise with a ducted air conditioner system, that can be easily fixed with the help of our skilled Fujitsu technicians.

Leaking ductwork

Leaks in ductwork often occur over time due to adhesives / duct breaking down with age or incorrect installation. If a leak does happen within a duct, it can cause the system to struggle and rooms won't cool properly, as the cold air will be escaping into the roof cavity before it gets to the room. Ducts can be flimsy and in hard to reach places, so you should always have a skilled technician to fix them.

LCD issues

If the LCD screen on your controller isn't working, you're probably looking at a technical fault. This will need the help of a trained technician who is able to check and fix the wiring or recommend the correct replacement part.

Unusual smells

If you notice an unusual smell coming from your Fujitsu air conditioning when you turn it on, the cause can be a number of reasons - but this almost always signifies a problem. Some issues that make an air conditioning system smells can be serious health risks. A trained technician will be able to detect what the exact problem is and fix it correctly.

Split system Fujitsu repairs

Below are some problems that can arise with a split system conditioner system, that can be easily fixed with the help of our skilled Fujitsu technicians.

Ice on the outdoor unit

If you notice ice on the outdoor unit this can be for a number of reasons, including mechanical problems, a dirty evaporator coil or a refrigerant leak. All of these problems should be fixed quickly or they can cause serious damage to the system.

Unit blowing hot air

AC unit's prime function is to cool a room, so it can be frustrating when it's blowing hot air instead. Fortunately, our trained technicians will be able to quickly recognise the fault in your Fujitsu system that's causing your unit to blow hot air, and will be able to rectify the problem.

Noisy unit

All good quality air conditioners should be discrete and quiet, so loud noise coming from a unit suggests that there's a problem. There are multiple reasons that an air conditioning unit will be making noise, and our Fujitsu technicians are trained to fix this, whatever the cause.

Fujitsu air conditioner maintenance tips

It's of utmost importance to maintain your Fujitsu air conditioner by having it regularly serviced. However, below are a few general tips on how to maintain your Fujitsu air conditioners between services:

  • Clean the exterior vents with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth
  • Regularly examine your system for mould by looking for small dark spots around vents
  • Wash your indoor units filters as they become dirty

Why choose Sun City Air?

Sun City Air is a family owned and run company that is committed to ensuring that its customers get expert and excellent service for an affordable price. Our technicians have decades of experience with undertaking Fujitsu air conditioning repairs. Over the years our team has serviced, repaired and installed thousands of air conditioning systems for many happy Aussies.

Other Fujitsu air conditioning services

Whether it's servicing or repairs you're after, if your air conditioning unit is a Fujitsu, then we have specialists that can help. We have skilled and certified technicians that can provide and install Fujitsu air conditioning units systems in your home.

Our staff can help you decide on the right air conditioning solution for you. To find out more, you can get in touch with us via email or phone.