Teco Air Conditioner Servicing & Repairs

When it comes to Air Conditioning brands, Teco is somewhat of a hidden gem. Though not as well known as some of the big names, like Samsung and LG, Teco is reasonable quality and an affordable air conditioning option.

Teco has been around for over six decades and is an innovative brand that has the support of an Australian service network. These units are very powerful, have a great energy efficiency rating and come at a great price.

Teco's most popular models are their ducted and split system units. Their Ducted range is extensive and has a variety of sizes and powers. So, whether you're looking for central air conditioning to cool a smart apartment, or a large place, Teco will have the perfect model.

Dedicated Teco air conditioning system specialists

As we've already established, Teco isn't as mainstream as some other models of air conditioners. For this reason, it's especially important that you only use a technician who is experienced with the brand when it comes time for a service or repair.

Technicians who aren't familiar with exactly how Teco's work, could cause permanent damage to your system. Plus, using a technician who isn't certified with the brand may void your warranty.

At Sun City Air our technicians are thoroughly trained in servicing and repairing Teco air conditioners. This means that enlisting the help of a Teco technician from Sun City Air will ensure that the job is done properly and that your warranty won't be void.

How often should I have my Teco air conditioning unit serviced?

It's common for homeowners to forget about maintaining their AC units until they suspect something is wrong. However, this can often be too late and permanent (and expensive!) damage may already be done.

All air conditioners should be regularly serviced. This will not only allow technicians to identify problems before they escalate, but it will increase the life span of your unit. Furthermore, over time air conditioners collect dust and debris in their filters, and when this accumulates the vents can get blocked. During a service a technician will change the filter, clean out your system and check for any potential problems.

We recommend that a Teco air conditioner service should be carried at least annually and potentially more frequently depending on usage and the environment in which it is being used.

Teco Ducted Systems Repairs

Ducted and Split System air conditioners are both popular choices for home cooling solutions. But, which is better for you? This will depend on your space, as well as your personal requirements.

If you have a large space and are looking for a powerful system, then we would recommend a ducted air conditioner. Further advantages of ducted include the ability to cool separate zones, as well as their discrete and modern appearance.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller space - like a studio apartment - then a split system air conditioner will be more economical and will have the ability to effectively cool the area.

However, with all air conditioners, problems can occasionally arise. Below are a few of the most common problems that happen with ducted air conditioning systems and split system air conditioners.

Common problems with ducted air conditioning systems

Leaks or tears in ductwork

Over time, minuscule tears can appear in the ducting tubes. If this occurs, cold air can leak out of the holes, and the overall cooling effect will be reduced as a result. This will mean that your system will work harder trying to cool the space to the desired temperature, leading to higher power bills and a shorter life span for your system. Ducted air conditioning that isn't regularly serviced is much more prone to developing holes or leaks.

Restricted flow

Sometimes, items or objects can get stuck in ducts and restrict the airflow into the room or space. These objects could be anything from Loose insulation and animal or insect nests to dirt buildup. Like a tear, a blocked object will cause less cold air to be distributed into the room, making your unit work harder and causing higher energy bills and a shorter life span. Ducts are extremely delicate, so only a technician who's certified to do Teco air conditioning repairs should be used.

Common problems with split system Teco air conditioners

Dirty filter

Split system air conditioners have filters that work to collect dust and debris, and distribute clean air back into the room. Filters should be changed every 3-6 months, otherwise, they can completely block airflow. Block airflow can lead to a host of problems for an AC unit and can cause permanent damage.

Refrigerant leakage

Humid temperatures and corrosion causing substances (like saltwater in the area), can erode copper pipes and cause a leakage of refrigerant. Refrigerant plays a key part in cooling the air that's distributed into your space. So, if the refrigerant has leaked out, or is at a low level, the cooling ability of your system will be substantially affected.

Why choose Sun City Air?

Sun City air is a proudly owned Australian business. We have been working with cooling systems for decades, and have many expert technicians who are qualified and certified to work with Australia's biggest air conditioning brands.

We're a family-owned business, and will never charge extra money for things that don't need to be done. When having your air conditioner installed, serviced or repaired by a technician from Sun City Air, you can be confident that the job will be done well and at an affordable price.

Other Teco air conditioning products

Whether it's servicing or air conditioner repairs you're after, and whether you have a commercial product or a residential product, we can help. We provide installation, servicing and repair services for all kinds of Teco air conditioning systems.

Our staff can help you decide on the right air conditioning solution for you. To find out more, you can contact us via email or phone to speak to a specialist.