Teco Air Conditioners Brisbane

TECO air conditioners are ideal for customers looking for a great deal on air conditioning. Versatile and functional with a broad range of options, we install TECO air conditioning in Brisbane and surrounds to provide customers with a sound solution to climate control. Aside from installation, Sun City Air offers ongoing support in the form of TECO air conditioner repairs and servicing.

Teco Air Conditioner Installation brisbane

If you’re after an affordable air conditioning option, TECO has you covered with a range of unit types to suit your home or budget, including portable air conditioners, single split systems, ceiling-concealed ducted systems, light commercial cassette systems, and more.

Split System Air Conditioners

The most common form of residential air conditioning, TECO single split air conditioners boast interactive digital displays, high-density filters, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (so that you can interact with your air conditioner via your smartphone), long-distance air flow, refrigerant leak detection, and much more. We install split system TECO air conditioning in residential homes or small offices, where only 1 or 2 units are required.
Brisbane Air Conditioning Ducted

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is able to cool your entire home by dividing it into multiple zones, meaning that you can set different temperatures for each room in your house or business. Concealed within the ceiling, a ducted air conditioner is low profile, low noise, and an efficient way to cool a large area.

Multi Split Air Conditioning

Halfway between a single split system and a ducted air conditioning system, TECO’s multi split air conditioners allow you to heat or cool multiple rooms of your home with just one outdoor unit – meaning that you can keep unsightly outdoor units to a minimum. This also means you can take advantage of various air conditioning types including cassette, wall-mounted split system, and even ducted.
Brisbane Air Conditioning Ducted

Cassette Air Conditioning

We install cassette air conditioners where there is a lack of wall space to house a wall-mounted split system or not enough ceiling height to accommodate the ductwork required for ducted air conditioning. TECO cassette air conditioners are available for light commercial purposes.

Teco Air Conditioner Service In brisbane

We provide TECO air conditioner services across Brisbane, with a focus on professionalism and affordability – we always work to your budget and will opt to repair rather than replace wherever possible. Our team is supported by a fully-staffed office who can provide quotes and dispatch technicians when required.

Teco Air Conditioner Repairs and Servicing

Do you need TECO air conditioning repairs in Brisbane? For more information or to book a service, call us on 07 3283 5566, or request an obligation-free quote online now.