Panasonic Air Conditioner Servicing & Repairs

Unit cost, energy efficiency and a good range of features are three qualities that most people look for in a new air conditioner. Fortunately, Panasonic ticks off all of these features and much more. Panasonic air conditioners have high standards of craftsmanship, and long life spans, making them an excellent choice when considering what brand of air conditioning to purchase.

When designing their cooling systems, Panasonic always places a homeowners comfort as a priority. This is demonstrated through their commitment to delivering very clean and high quality air, as well as quick and humidity free temperatures. There are a large range of Panasonic air conditioners available - both split system and ducted - designed to ensure that homeowners experience maximum comfort.

If you're already the proud owner of a Panasonic air conditioning unit, then you'll be familiar with their excellent quality. But, even the best air conditioners need to be regularly serviced, and can occasionally have issues. This is where we can help.
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Dedicated Panasonic air conditioning system specialists

Panasonics are premium air conditioners - and owners should ensure that they care for these systems to ensure they continue to run to their maximum capabilities. The first step towards doing this is to make sure that only registered Panasonic technicians work on their units.

When an experienced Panasonic technician is used, homeowners can be confident that their system will be serviced or repaired correctly. What many ducted air conditioning owners don't know is that just one quick service from an unregistered technician could completely void their warranty. And, that's best-case scenario. A service by a technician who isn't thoroughly familiar with how Panasonic's work, could leave long term damage on your system.

This is why we can't stress the importance of only enlisting the help of an experienced Panasonic technician enough. At Sun City Air we have a range of certified Panasonic air conditioner technicians who are comprehensively trained in how to correctly work with and repair your system.

How often should I have a Panasonic air conditioner service?

There are many reasons why a Panasonic air conditioner should be regularly serviced. However, first and foremost, if you've spent a considerable amount of money on an appliance, it's in your best interest to try and preserve it and allow it work at its maximum capabilities.

A regular service will ensure that everything is running correctly in your system, help it reach its full potential and maximise its life span. A technician can also spot potential problems before they escalate, helping to avoid damage to your unit, and considerable costs in the long run. During a service, a technician will clean or change filters, clean the unit itself, check and clear condensation line clogs and clean drainage pans.

We recommend scheduling a Panasonic air conditioning service at least every 4-6 months. Some customers who want to make sure their system is it's best possible condition like to book in a service every 2-3 months.

Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioner blowing warm air

The prime purpose of an air conditioner is to reduce the temperature in a room and remove humidity. If you have your air conditioner on a low setting but the room isn't feeling cool, then it's probably a sign there's an issue within the system. There are many reasons that this may happen, the answer could be as simple as a clogged filter, or something more sinister. An experienced Panasonic technician is skilled in determining the exact cause.

Significantly higher than usual energy bills

It's normal for energy bills to rise in the summer months. After all, most homeowners will be using their air conditioner systems more, and they'll have to work harder in hot weather to reach a low temperature. However, if your bills have suddenly taken a significant jump, and you can't chalk it up to the weather, then there may be an issue inside your unit causing it to work overtime, and consequently, raising energy bills. Overall, Panasonic are considered to have very energy efficient units.

Split system air conditioning repairs

Allergic reactions after switching AC on

If you've experienced sneezing, wheezing or coughing after switching your AC unit on - especially throughout the night - then you may be looking at a clogged filter. Filters sift out dirt and debris, and if they're full, these particles can circulate around the room and create allergic reactions. A filter change will be done during a service, and is a straight forward action. However, if a dirty filter is left on for too long, it can damage the unit long term.

A buzzing noise from your air conditioner

Good air conditioners should be very quiet. So, if your air conditioner is making noises then there is likely a problem with it. A specific buzzing noise is usually linked to a refrigerant leak. Dealing with refrigerant can be dangerous, so if you're experiencing this problem you should contact a technician immediately.

Panasonic air conditioner maintenance tips

The best way to ensure that your Panasonic unit is maintained properly is by booking a regular service. However, there are a few things you can do between services to keep your unit in tip top shape.

  • Clean the outside of your units

  • Regularly replace air con filters (or ask a technician for help if you're not familiar on how to do this)

  • Frequently check to make sure nothing is obstructing the vents

Why choose Sun City Air?

Sun City Air is a proudly family-owned business that has been in the air conditioning industry for over 20 years. Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified to work with all of the best air conditioning brands in Australia. We pride ourselves on honesty and never charge customers for services or parts that they don't need, so you can feel confident and comfortable when enlisting our help.

Other Panasonic air conditioning services

Whether it's servicing or repairs you're after, if you have a Panasonic air conditioner, then we have specialists on our team that can help. We are a Panasonic specialist dealer, so we also have skilled and certified technicians that can provide and install Panasonic air conditioning systems in your home.

Our staff can help you decide on the right air conditioner for you. To find out more, you can contact us via email or phone.