Split System Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

If you've already familiarised yourself with the different types of air conditioning systems available, and you've decided that a split system air conditioner will work well for you, then look no further. We explain how a split system air conditioning works and its benefits, as well as guide you through installation, servicing and repair.
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What are split system air conditioners?

Split system air conditioners are an extremely popular choice of system, thanks to their quick installation time and their ease of use. Split systems are wall-mounted AC units that are controlled by a remote.

As their name suggests, a split system air conditioner is split into two components. The indoor component, mounted on the wall, houses the evaporator and fan. The outdoor unit, which is usually hidden somewhere outside, has a compressor. The two components are connected via electric wire and pipes.

The AC system works as the indoor unit pulls hot air out of the room or space that it's located in. This warm air is passed through an evaporator coil that contains cold refrigerant, this process cools the air. The now cold air is pushed out into the room being cooled by a fan. The refrigerant in the coil has been warmed in this process and is sent back to the outdoor compressor unit. At the compressor the refrigerant is compressed - this process gives off heat which is released by the outdoor coil. The now cold refrigerant is pumped back to the indoor unit. This process then repeats.

Split system air conditioners are ideal for enclosed spaces or small apartments because they work to cool the specific room that they're placed in. Split system air conditioners are a popular choice thanks to their great energy efficiency and they have a great cooling capacity for their price point.

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Benefits of a split system air conditioner

If you're in need of an efficient cooling system for a small to medium area and have a moderate budget in mind, then a split system air conditioner is the way to go. Along with ducted air conditioners, they're one of the most popular cooling choices in Brisbane. However, it's important to remember that a split system air conditioner is only superior to other cooling options when suitable conditions are met.

Split systems are ideal for cooling a small to medium area that's closed off. Large rooms or open plan areas may require multiple units to effectively cool the entire area, and this type of space may be better suited to a ducted air conditioning system.

If you're not sure what kind of system is best suited to the specific area you're looking to cool, you can schedule a service call or an at home inspection with one of our estimators. They will be able to assess the area and make a recommendation for what's best suited.

If a split system is a suitable method to cool your intended space, you'll be able to reap the following benefits:

Easier and cheaper to install than ducted systems

While it's not recommended that a split system air conditioner should be installed without the help of a professional, in comparison to other systems like ducted and HVAC, the process is quite straightforward and generally very quick.

An air conditioning technician will install the outside unit and the inside unit, and link them up with electrical wires and pipes. Most experienced technicians should be able to carry out a straightforward install within 3-5 hours.

Low energy usage

A Split system air conditioner is one of the most energy-efficient options available. The air is sent straight from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit and doesn't need to be sent through an entire house, unlike with ducted air conditioning. If a ducted air conditioner has a minor duct leak, it can lose up to 30% in cooling energy. This is not a problem you'll experience with split system AC units.

In Australia, residential split system AC systems must have an energy efficiency rating, which is shown as a star rating on the unit. The implementation of this rule has encouraged many brands to make split systems as energy efficient as possible so that they can display a higher star rating. Higher energy efficiency means lower running costs, saving money in the long term.

They're quiet

The level of noise created by a split system air conditioner is far lower than floor standing units, or a window unit. Split systems generally feature whisper quiet operation, bordering on silent. The low noise level can be attributed to the fact that the noisiest part of an AC unit, the condenser, is located outside.

Easy maintenance

Because a split system is only made up of two units, the indoor wall unit, and the outdoor unit, assessing and diagnosing a problem with an air conditioner is usually straightforward. In comparison, a ducted air conditioner may require a technician to climb through the roof and inspect all of the ducts to detect a problem.

They cool quickly

Split system units work efficiently and quickly to cool areas. Assuming that the system is the correct size for the room, a hot space should be cooled considerably in just 15 minutes. As long as the 'auto' mode is selected on the remote, the system should shut off once the desired temperature is reached. Once the temperature rises again, the AC will automatically work to bring it back down.

Some split systems are smart air conditioners

Smart air conditioners are units that can connect to Bluetooth and be controlled through that device. This could mean an app on an iPhone, a voice assistant or smart home systems. A benefit of a smart system is the ability to switch the unit on shortly before arriving home. This method will ensure that the room is cooled before the owner enters, and is much more cost-effective than leaving a system on all day in order to achieve the same result.

Split systems can be reverse cycle air conditioners

Not all split systems work as reverse cycle air conditioners, but almost all ac systems sold these days are reverse cycle. With reverse cycle air conditioning, a single wall unit can work as an air conditioner and a heater, saving you money on investing in both appliances separately.

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Choosing the right split system air conditioner unit

When it comes to brands and models, split systems have the most choice of any air conditioner on the market. They are thousands of choices that range in size, power, features and even colours.

We offer a big range of industry-leading brands. If you already have a unit in mind or are after a specific feature, our friendly team can help you track it down, or suggest one that meets your needs. If you're not too sure what model is best for you, our technicians can assess your place and make some suggestions.

Some of the trusted split air conditioning brands we work with include:

Installation of split system air conditioning

Split Systems may not have the complexity of requiring duct work to be installed. However, they can still be very dangerous to install as a DIY job. The two main reasons behind this are the weight of the unit, as well as the electrical wiring that's involved.

The installation of a split system air conditioner is relatively quick, so you shouldn't be looking at high installation fees. We can install most models in about 3-5 hours. It's also important to note that when a system isn't installed correctly, there will be a much higher risk of issues and problems with the system and the lifespan of the unit may be reduced.

Notwithstanding the above, both the handling of refrigerant and the conduct of electrical works are licensed activities in Australia. If you carry these activities out without the correct licences, you will at best void your warranty and at worst risk legal issues.

Our technicians have many years of experience, so you can trust them to install your new unit quickly, safely and efficiently.

At Sun City Air we are a family run business and pride ourselves on our cost-effective solutions. We will never charge a client for things that they don't need. We'll also draw up a full quote for you before the installation is started so that you can be aware of all the costs involved.

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Service of split system air conditioners

It can be a costly affair when an entire air conditioning system breaks down. That's why prevention is better than a cure. For this reason, you should have your AC system serviced regularly - we recommend at least annually in a residential setting and at least every six months in a commercial setting. Higher frequency may be warranted depending on the usage and environment.

During the service, our technicians will check out all components of your air conditioner and ensure that everything is working as it should. If they recognise the beginning of a problem, they'll be able to suggest a solution that will save you money in the long run.

Furthermore, filters on split systems should be cleaned regularly. Filters capture dirt, debris and pollen that's in the air, and trap it inside the system, so that it's not circulating around the room. This improve air quality and helps to manage allergic reactions that occur as the result of pollen or dust.

However, filters clog up from these substances. When a filter is clogged it can cause the unit to blow hot air or not work properly. A filter clean is very straight forward and takes a matter of minutes. But, if a dirty filter isn't replaced over a long period of time, it can completely break the entire unit.

During service our technicians will identify any problems with your air conditioner, check and change the filter (if required) and flush out the drain to ensure your AC unit is working to its full potential.

Repair of split system air conditioners

There are many issues that can arise with a split system air conditioner´╗┐ that can indicate that the unit needs a repair. Some of these include an air conditioner blowing hot air, an air conditioner that won't turn off, a frozen over evaporator unit or, simply a system that won't switch on.

If you've found yourself in this position you can trust that our experienced technicians have the capabilities to detect, diagnose and fix your specific problem. One of our team will come around to your property to identify what's wrong. They'll then explain the issue to you and suggest some options to fix it.

Our technicians have decades of experience under their belt, and can often suggest a variety of different solutions that some technicians may not be familiar with.

While we will always suggest a repair over a replacement, in the unfortunate case that the fix is very costly, our team members can quote you for the cost to fix the unit versus the cost of installing a new one. The decision then will be entirely up to you.

We are a family run business that understands that the cost of fixing and installing air conditioners can be expensive. This is why we are so passionate about ensuring that our customers are charged fairly; our prices are affordable and we will never suggest a part or fix that isn't required.

Some common signs that something is wrong with your split system air conditioner include:

A bad smell coming from the vents
Hot air is being blown out
The air conditioner not turning off
Sweating - or condensation drops - on the vents
A frozen over outdoor system

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