Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane

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Split System Air Conditioners

Today, we’ll be chatting about split air conditioning; and when it comes to ACs, this is somewhat of a hot topic, if you’ll pardon the pun. If you’ve never been sure how split air conditioning differs from ducted air conditioning then you’ll want to read on.

Split system installation boasts a range of benefits, and is one of the more popular options for air conditioning in Brisbane. Ideal for a single room or area of your home, leading brands and expert advice will all tell you that it’s well worth it to supply and install this system of air-con.

So, without further ado – let’s get to our review!

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

What is a split system air conditioner? Before we get down to some of the finest Brisbane air conditioning systems – and how you can get them installed – you’ll need to know how these energy-efficient systems work. Once you know that, you’ll probably want to know the benefits they can truly bring to your home.

Good job we’ve gone and thought of all of this for you!

The Specifics

These unique air conditioner models work in a very specific way – and this is slightly different from what you’d know as ducted air conditioning.

For example, their purpose is different. Whilst ducted air conditioning can cool or heat an entire home, these air conditioning systems (also known as two-unit air-con) heat specific areas and rooms. Whether you’re heating your house or your business office, you can concentrate services on specific places that require air conditioning solutions.

This is highly cost-effective; instead of forking out on air conditioning installation for the entire home, you can target key areas that may need the benefits of an air conditioner. If you’re in Brisbane and looking for the absolute most across the Gold Coast, you can’t go wrong with this air conditioning type.

Technical Aspects

Now, let’s get technical for a second.

Two-unit air conditioning also differs from ducted solutions through the mode of installation, maintenance, and actual functioning itself. These air conditioning services have two separate units within them – one for pumping gas into a cooling circuit, and another which processes this gas into a condenser.

What are the benefits?

Anyone in the business, from repairs to general services, can tell you that having these systems installed provides a wealth of benefits to any customer. So, just what are they?

Keeping You Cool

Perhaps an obvious one, but these air conditioners are designed to keep you cool throughout the house. Designed for smaller spaces, these air conditioner models will keep the air fresh and at the desired temperature.

As far as air conditioners go, you couldn’t find much better!

Easy Maintenance

Making sure you can easily maintain your air conditioning is another one of your key needs. There’s no point paying an extortionate price and spending lots of time on installations if you can’t make the AC last the length of the summer…

Thankfully, these units are simpler and easier to maintain compared to ducted air conditioning, according to experts. Prices of installations are lower, and maintenance costs are generally lower…

Not much to argue with, is there?

Versatile and Simple

Listen up – if you’re looking for air conditioning, Brisbane, you’d be hard-pressed to find an air conditioner that boasts such easy installation and energy-efficient functioning.

What’s more – they’re the best in the business for versatility.

If you’re after an air conditioning installation for your work office or commercial space – and you’re after something with great quality, low prices, and easy installations, you really couldn’t get much better than a dual-model air conditioner.

It does the job, and the price is right.


From Sydney to Brisbane, air conditioning installation can be hard to find at an affordable price. That’s where we come in!

We’ve got over 60 years’ experience meeting your needs and providing quality customer service. You can trust us to have your air conditioning installed quickly, efficiently, and safely.

The installation process isn’t rocket science – nor does it have to be.
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We don’t just offer installation – we offer a whole range of air conditioning services and solutions.

This includes air conditioning repairs – which you may require if you feel that your model isn’t working efficiently and keeping you cool in the hot Brisbane summer.

If you’re unfamiliar with how air conditioning works, it can be quite dangerous to try to make a repair yourself – so always rely on a team of experts such as ourselves.
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Regular servicing of your air conditioning can save you both time and money – and this is for one simple reason. Regular servicing of your ACs ensures that the performance is checked and nothing needs to be changed!

Our servicing operates via a cost-effective system. This means that we’ll try to repair and salvage any part of your air conditioning before we resort to replacements.
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