A dirty air conditioner can cause poor performance, consume more power, and lead to a lower air quality within your home. Book your next air conditioner clean with Sun City Air, and you’ll not only breathe easy, but you’ll benefit from over 60 years of professional service from a family-run company. For air conditioning cleaning in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, call Sun City Air on (07) 3283 5566.  

How often should air conditioners be cleaned?

Regular servicing of your air conditioner (including cleaning) is important for your unit, as it extends its operating life and reduces the chance of costly repairs over time. While we recommend cleaning air conditioner filters once a month, more extensive cleaning is recommended once every 12 months. Depending on the environment in which your air conditioner is installed – for example, it may share an open space with a kitchen, where grease and smoke is present – you may wish to have it cleaned more often.

Why is it important to get regular air conditioning cleaning?

Just as you have your car regularly serviced, it’s important that your air conditioner gets the attention it needs too. Aside from reasons of efficiency, the build-up of contaminants is the main reason you will want to have your air conditioner cleaned and sanitised. An air conditioner is the perfect breeding ground for mould, especially in humid climates, and because an air conditioner is constantly pushing out air, the threat of airborne allergens is of concern. Split system cleaning and air conditioning duct cleaning can reduce these issues, which can present themselves in the form of allergies, asthma attacks, hayfever, frequent colds and respiratory issues.

What’s included in a professional air conditioner clean in Brisbane?


Split System Cleaning

A split system cleaning routine consists of the following:

  • Examination of filters, fins, fan, vents and coil
  • Cleaning of fins with anti-bacterial agents
  • Cleaning of coil to remove grease and dirt before being sanitised with anti-bacterial agents
  • Deep clean of your entire unit, especially in places that are difficult to reach with normal cleaning methods
  • Removal of filter to hose out and wash with industrial-grade cleaners.

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

When we undertake air conditioning duct cleaning, we take care to clean all of the components of your ducted air conditioner including:

  • Supply and return air ducts and registers
  • Grilles and diffusers
  • Cooling coils
  • Heat exchangers
  • Condensation drip pans
  • Fan motor and housing
  • Air handling unit housing.

Keep your family or business safe from nasty airborne pathogens by booking your next air conditioning cleaning in Brisbane with Sun City Air. Call us today on (07) 3283 5566 or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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