LG air conditioning service service and repairs

LG is a brand that's recognised all over the world for its first-rate home appliances. Their air conditioning systems are high quality and offer high performance.

If you're interested in having a top-of-the-range cooling system for your house, then you might want consider LG. LG air conditioners are energy efficient and have a range of additional excellent features.

If you've purchased a high-quality appliance, then you'll have good reason to maintain them. Our technicians are qualified to work on LG air conditioners and have decades of experience doing so.

Dedicated LG air conditioning system specialists

It's extremely important that only experienced technicians install, repair or service an LG air conditioning system. If a technician that isn't experienced working with the brand works on your ac unit, there's a good chance that your warranty will be void.

LG's have custom parts - and have their own specific make up, which is directly linked to any faults they may have, and the way to fix them. A technician who isn't familiar with the ins and outs of an LG unit, will run the risk of damaging your expensive appliance.

At Sun City Air we have a range of experienced LG air conditioner technicians who are comprehensively trained in how to correctly work with and repair your system.

How often should I have an LG air conditioner serviced?

One of the most detrimental things you can do to an air conditioning system is to lapse on having it serviced. A service will allow a technician to detect problems when they first arise, and before they advance. This not only makes the fix easy, but puts less wear and tear on the unit, and keeps repair costs down.

However, a service won't just help with the early detection of problems, it will also help to keep your unit running at full potential. During a service, a technician will clean or change filters, clean the unit itself, check and clear condensation line clogs and clean drainage pans.

We recommend scheduling an LG air conditioning service at least 6 months in a commercial setting and at least every 12 months in a domestic setting. The frequency of servicing your air conditioner depends on how much you use it and the amount of air borne dirt in the environment which it is air conditioning.

LG Ducted air conditioning Repairs

If you've noticed any of the following issues with your LG ducted air conditioning, then you may need a repair conducted by an experienced technician.

Your air conditioner gives off a bad smell

If your air conditioner is producing a bad smell when you turn it on, that's a good indication that there's an issue somewhere within the unit. This could be something as simple as a clogged filter, but it could also mean accumulation of mould, or even, a dead rodent or insect that's trapped inside the unit. An experienced LG technician can identify and fix the problem quickly.

You've noticed sweat on your AC vents

When small drops of water or condensation are spotted around the vents of an air conditioner, this is considered air conditioner 'sweat'. This happens when the air temperature is below the dew point temperature and can be caused by a number of reasons. A skilled technician can pinpoint the exact cause for you, and make the required repairs.

Split system LG repairs

If you've noticed any of the following issues with your LG split system air conditioning, then you may need a repair conducted by a certified technician.

You have ice on the coils of the outdoor unit

Though it may seem counterintuitive, an air conditioner should never have ice on the outdoor unit. If you've spotted ice on the coils of your outdoor unit then it's likely a sign that something is wrong. This is a problem that can quickly escalate, and cause long term or permanent damage to your system. So, if you spot some ice on your outdoor unit you should contact a technician immediately.

Your air conditioner continuously runs

There are many issues that can be related to an air conditioner that continuously runs, but the most common cause is a dirty evaporator coil. Regardless of the reason, an air conditioner that doesn't stop running will add wear and tear to your unit, and decrease it's life span. So, if you're experiencing this problem then you should contact a technician immediately.

Maintenance tips for LG air conditioners

The best way to ensure that your LG unit is maintained properly is by booking a regular service. However, there are a few things you can do between services to keep your unit in tip top shape.

  • Regularly replace the filters if you know how to - if not, a technician can do this for you during a service.

  • If your air conditioner has an outdoor unit, check that there's no shrubbery around the unit that could make its way into the vents.

  • Wipe down vents with some warm water and a cloth once a month.

Why choose Sun City Air?

Sun City Air is a proudly owned family business that has been installing, servicing and repairing air conditioning systems for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on honesty and never charge customers for services or parts that they don't need. Our team is not only extremely experienced with dealing with various brands of air conditioners, but they are registered and certified in doing so. Knowing this, you can feel confident and comfortable when enlisting our help.

Other LG air conditioning services

Whether it's servicing or repairs you're after, if your air conditioning unit is an LG, then we have specialists that can help. We are an LG specialist dealer, so we also have skilled and certified technicians that can install LG air conditioners in your home.

Our staff can help you decide on the right air conditioning solution for you. To find out more, you can contact us via email or phone to speak to a specialist.