LG Air Conditioners

Life’s good with an LG air conditioner. Packed full of clever features and intelligent technologies (if you ever wanted a voice-controlled air conditioner, LG has them), LG offers high performance, efficiency, and a wide range of units for the home and business. At Sun City Air, our technicians have years of experience in LG air conditioning installation in Brisbane. And, even if we didn’t install your LG air conditioner, we still offer servicing and repairs for whatever model you have in your home.

LG Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

The LG brand is iconic for its bells and whistles. When you install an LG air conditioner, you’re not only getting cutting-edge technology, but also the support of a smartphone app that allows you to control your unit’s temperature and even diagnose common issues. At Sun City Air, we are ready to install a variety of different air conditioning units

Split System Air Conditioner

The simplest of air conditioning systems to install, a split system is comprised of an indoor unit that distributes cool air and an outdoor unit that works to expel warm air. LG’s split system air conditioners use advanced inverter technology to keep the temperature just right no matter the season. Split systems are best suited to 1 or 2 rooms in the home and boast super-quiet operation, so they’re suitable for use in bedrooms.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning uses ductwork installed in the ceiling of your home or business to distribute cool or warm air to numerous rooms of the house, with each room able to set its temperature independently of the others. While ducted air conditioning can be expensive to install in an established home or business, it’s a solid investment for a new home or property and will offer the ultimate in comfort year-round, with the added bonus of being more cost-effective to run than multiple split systems.

Multi Split Air Conditioning

LG multi split air conditioning is an excellent choice for heating and cooling multiple rooms of the home without the complexity of ductwork but with similar efficiency. This means that numerous indoor units – they can be wall- or floor-mounted – are connected to a single outdoor unit, which also saves on space. You can mix and match the indoor units to best suit your needs, meaning that you aren’t restricted to a single unit type.

LG Air Conditioner Service in Brisbane

Looking for LG air conditioner services in Brisbane? Sun City Air is well versed in LG air conditioners and can undertake servicing to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to go when you need it most. Our professional staff always opt to repair rather than replace, making sure to listen to your needs and budget to ensure the best experience possible.

LG Air Conditioner Repairs

Is your LG air conditioner in need of a repair rather than a regular service? We can help you out, with over 60 years’ experience in servicing, repairs and installation of air conditioners up and down Brisbane. For more information or to book a service, call us on 07 3283 5566 or get in touch online.