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The temperatures across South East Queensland and Brisbane can get extremely hot during the summer, and the prolonged heat makes air conditioning an essential feature in your workplace. Running a commercial property takes a lot of work, and we bet the last thing you want to worry about is your air conditioners.

We work with a wide variety of commercial and industrial clients in Brisbane. The properties we help range from offices to server rooms, industrial warehouses, child-care centres, aged care facilities, restaurants, hotels and more. We’ll partner with your team to understand what’s important to your business. Then, we’ll create a plan to ensure your commercial air conditioning runs at its best.

With our 60+ years of industry experience, we are trusted experts in the supply, installations, repairs and servicing of commercial air conditioners.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Installing an efficient air conditioning system in your business that suits your budget is par for the course at Sun City Air. We’ve been recommending, installing and repairing for more than six decades, so we are more than experienced when it comes to commercial air conditioning installation. We install most major brands, but we do not favour one brand over the other – instead, we take into consideration your business’s needs and fit the air conditioner to you, not the other way around. Our team of qualified technicians will assess your property, then install the perfect system to fit your requirements. We even offer a design service for a system that is 100% tailored to your needs. Sun City Air provides commercial air conditioning installation in Brisbane as well as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Commercial Air Conditioner Brands We Install

With so many air conditioner brands out there, it can be challenging to know the ins and outs of every single unit. Thankfully, our expertly trained and highly experienced technicians can carry out commercial air conditioning installation for almost any air conditioner brand out there including:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Fujitsu
  • LG
  • Carrier
  • Hitachi
  • Temperzone
  • Teco
  • Panasonic
  • Actron
  • Daikin
  • Samsung

Not only do we install a wide range of air conditioning brands and units, but we are also warranty agents for Hitachi, Daikin and Temperzone. This means that, in the unlikely event of an issue after installation, you can communicate with us and we will speak directly with the manufacturer on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing

Commercial air conditioning servicing throughout the year is an effective way to safeguard your system, use less energy, maintain good air quality, and avoid any unnecessary breakdowns that can be costly to your business. When we undertake any commercial air conditioning maintenance, it is extremely important to us that your business is not disturbed by any of our maintenance staff, who are supported by a back-end office that assists with parts replacements, warranties, invoicing and much more. Most importantly, we are a family-owned business that excels in professionalism in every aspect of our 60-year-old company. We treat every job as though it were our own.

Why Is It Important To Regularly Service Commercial Air Conditioners?

It’s estimated that, for every year you fail to conduct commercial air conditioning maintenance, the efficiency of your system drops by approximately 5%. This in turn affects operational costs, while neglect can also lead to expensive repairs and even replacement. Therefore, it’s important to have your air conditioner regularly serviced – we recommend a major service once every 12 months. Apart from performance, there are other reasons that your business’s air conditioner should be regularly serviced.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

At Sun City Air, we specialise in both residential and commercial air conditioning repair – but we also understand that there are different requirements for both when it comes to servicing and repair. Our 60 years of experience in the trade has exposed us to the various needs of commercial air conditioning units, including their complexity and operation requirements, such as the need to handle spaces with more people and run for long periods of time. Most importantly, we have a fully staffed office, so if there is an air con breakdown in your place of business, rest assured we will be there as soon as possible to repair it and have it up and running again with our expert commercial air conditioning repair service.

Benefits of commercial air conditioning systems

Cool temperature

Perhaps the most obvious benefit associated with air conditioning installation is temperature regulation. In a commercial environment where machinery, equipment, and people coexist, it’s risky when temperature increases to dangerous levels. With commercial air conditioning system in place, you can maintain the temperature in your workplace at a more comfortable level both for you and your employees. Ever had one of those days when everything seems to drag on just because it’s hot? High quality air conditioners can fix that! When your employees are comfortable, their minds are clear and they’re always ready to tackle their tasks for the day.

Reduced energy bills

Hesitant to replace your old and outdated HVAC system because you think that means having to spend much more on commercial air conditioning installation? You must be getting the wrong idea about modern air conditioning services! Nowadays, Brisbane commercial air conditioning systems are built to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. That means that by getting rid of your old system, you don’t only cut your energy costs but you also reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Better productivity

You know how hard it is to concentrate on getting your work done when you’re feeling too hot. Working under extremely hot conditions makes you and your employees inefficient and less motivated compared to when there are air conditioners around. With air conditioning systems, you can achieve optimum temperature levels and help boost your employees’ productivity no matter how hot it gets outside. That’s scientifically proven! In fact, according to the Association for Psychological Science (APS), people have a harder time being productive when they’re feeling too hot. Workers who are working at a comfortable temperature also tend to be much happier, so don’t think twice about installing air conditioning units in your workplace or swapping out your old HVAC system.

Less noise

You know how noisy electric fans can get sometimes. If you need some cool air in your workplace but don’t want to be distracted by noise, go for commercial air conditioning. Since modern commercial air conditioning units are very quiet, you can hardly notice they are cooling the air around your workplace. Air conditioning systems aren’t as distracting as electric fans but they make the ambiance in your workplace so much better! Not only that–typically, doors and windows are closed off to air conditioned rooms so less noise enters your office, keeping it cool and quiet.

Go green

Are you a business owner who has taken the time to reduce your paper waste and greenify your office in other ways? Then your commercial air conditioning system should be your next step towards greenifying your workplace! When you upgrade your air conditioning system in the office, you are helping your business engage in more environmentally friendly practices. Ask Sun City Air conditioning specialists about programmable and smart thermostats to help you control your office’s interior environment.

Employee health

Ever heard about “sick building syndrome?” When the air inside your workplace has quality problems, your employees start to feel sick for no apparent reason. Without air conditioning installations in your workplace, the carbon monoxide in the parking garage located near your building might easily infiltrate your indoor air or may cause your old HVAC to circulate dust and debris through your duct network. You know how old air conditioning systems are often the victims of dirt and dust buildup. When this happens, particles end up traveling throughout your HVAC vents and contaminating the air inside your office. And what does contaminated air often result in? Illnesses such as asthma, allergies, and more. With a new air conditioning system, your workers don’t only get to enjoy clean air but also stay healthy.

Simplified maintenance

Repairs for older air conditioning systems can be very expensive. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been keeping up with your maintenance, or if you bought a building with an old system, you may be facing some costly repairs down the road. We’re certain you wouldn’t want repairs involving replacement parts end up costing your business thousands of dollars. When you invest in new air conditioners, all you need to do is to make sure that they are maintained on schedule. It’s very simple.

Commercial air conditioning Brisbane FAQs

Q: How can I save energy when using an air con?

A: When the weather is hot, turn on your air conditioner early rather than work it harder once your home warms up. It also helps adjusting the louvres on split systems so they disperse air downwards when heating and upwards when cooling. It is best to check the energy star labels of your air conditioners before you buy–the more stars they have, the more energy efficient they are.

Q: What is ducted air conditioning?

A: This air conditioning system refers to one that delivers cool or warm air from an external fan into multiple rooms through ducts located in the ceiling.

Q: My commercial air conditioner is more than 10 years old. Should I get it fixed or replace it?

A: If your air conditioner has not been keeping up with its service maintenance, it is more expensive to have it fixed than replace it. Contact your trusted air conditioning services provider to know how much it will cost you either way.

Q: How often should I clean my commercial air conditioning unit?

A: When its filter light flashes, you know it’s time to clean it. Sometimes, however, it still depends on the environment or air purity. In a normal domestic situation, cleaning your air con once every season is enough. But in a commercial situation, we advise cleaning your HVAC system once a month.

Q: Can I switch my air conditioner off at the powerpoint or at the fuse box?

A: It’s fine to turn its power off, especially if your office is going to be empty for long periods. If your unit has a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps its compressor warm, that’s good since a cold compressor usually gets damaged at startup. Once you turn off your air conditioner, make sure that you’ve turned it on for at least 12 hours before use.

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Need help with your air conditioning needs? If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning service provider you can trust, we at Sun City Air are here to help. Our team of professionals can offer expert advice and perform actual installations to suit all your air conditioning requirements, be they split systems, cassette systems or ducted systems. Whatever your needs, our air conditioning technicians are ready to work with you to provide the perfect commercial air conditioning solution for your unique situation. Call us today for a free quote.

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  • Servicing

    Periodic commercial air conditioner servicing maintains effectiveness, efficiency, and hygiene. The money spent on servicing is a fraction of the cost of a premature system replacement. It could also prevent a ceiling or wall repair caused by a water leak.

  • Breakdown

    Most of today’s buildings rely on air conditioning. When the AC stops, everything gets unpleasant very quickly. We will be there rapidly to deploy temporary air conditioning Brisbane wide. Then, we’ll complete a full commercial air-con repair as soon as possible.

  • Repairs

    As business owners ourselves we know you need to get value out of every dollar spent. That’s why, wherever possible, we will recommend a repair rather than a replacement. We undertake commercial air conditioning repairs across Brisbane.

  • Installations

    We can handle even the largest commercial air conditioning installations. With our technical expertise and proven project management skills, we deliver high-quality outcomes on time. With us, you don’t need to fear unexpected costs. We are equally at home installing into a new build or finding a way to work within an existing building.

  • Design

    A well-thought-out design is the foundation of an effective air-con system. Our first mission is to understand your needs. Then, we use our knowledge to design a system tailored to your business. Our close working relationship with our suppliers ensures our solutions are cost-effective.

  • Trouble Shooting

    Are you experiencing persistent problems with your air conditioning? We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems that have persisted for some time.

Why choose Sun City

Our commercial air conditioning clients around Brisbane remark on the fact that they can rely on us to be responsive and solve problems fast. By servicing your air conditioning proactively, we reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and irregular temperatures.

We strive to find the most affordable solution, always recommending repairs before replacements. What’s even better, we can help improve energy efficiency at your property, saving your business money.

With our dedicated office team, we pride ourselves on offering amazing customer service. At every interaction with Sun City, we want to impress you with our professionalism. If we do fail to meet your expectations, please bring it to our attention immediately. We run towards problems, not away from them!

You’ll never need to chase us for a quote or an invoice. Our business support processes are every bit as prompt and thorough as our service delivery in the field.

Contact us today to inquire about our commercial air conditioning services.

Do your facilities suffer from uneven temperatures, or is your AC not working as well as it used to? Our troubleshooting service can uncover the root of the problem and provide a solution.

Or, do you need an entirely new system? Our in-house design team can map out a complete air conditioning plan tailored to your business’ needs.