Temperzone air conditioning service and repairs

The primary purpose of an air conditioner is to keep you comfortable and cool, without racking up an eye watering power bill. If you're looking for a unit that can do all of the above - and much more - then you should consider investing in a Temperzone, which is an ultimate climate control solution.

Temperzones are very effective cooling systems, that are also eco friendly thanks to their efficient units. The innovative energy efficient economical measures implemented in these units help keep the cost of air conditioning down significantly.

Temperzone air conditioning systems are also designed to withstand harsh Australian climate conditions. They're able to comfortable handle temperatures up to 52ºC and are made with epoxy-coated indoor and outdoor coils for added durability.  

Temperzone air conditioners have a great range of different air conditioning options and are a reliable and trusted brand, which have been producing outstanding units for over half a century. Established in 1956, this air conditioning brand is a fantastic choice for any Australian home or commercial space.


Dedicated Temperzone air conditioning system specialists

When it comes to any high quality air conditioning system - whether it's a Temperzone or another brand - it's very important to ensure that you have the unit serviced by technicians who are experienced with that particular brand. Different air conditioning brands will usually have different parts, and have varying repair approaches will be required.

At Sun City Air we are an experienced Temperzone repairer, servicer and reseller. We have the correct parts - and the correct skill sets - to ensure that repairs and servicing are carried out correctly.

Furthermore, owners of air conditioning units can face voiding their warranty if they have their cooling system fixed by an unqualified technician. Because we're both qualified and experienced, you can feel safe knowing that your system will be fixed properly, and your warranty won't be affected.

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How often should I have a Temperzone air conditioner service?

The importance of a regular service on an air conditioning unit cannot be stressed enough. This rings even more true if you've invested a significant amount of money into your system and want to get it running at full capability for years to come.

When the air filter isn't changed regularly on an air conditioning system, it becomes blocked or clogged and will not only work less efficiently but can permanently damage the unit itself. During a service, a technician will change your air filter. They will also clean the unit and study it for the start of any problems so that these can be easily fixed before they escalate.

We recommend carrying out a service for Temperzone air conditioner at least annually in a residential setting and six monthly in a commercial setting.

Ducted Temperzone Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

System performing poorly

Whilst your Temperzone system will last for many years it will require routine maintenance to ensure it continues to perform at its optimum efficiency. Regular cleaner of filters and condenser coils are the minimum that must occur to keep your Temperzone air conditioner maintained. To ensure longevity it is often necessary to carry out preventative maintenance on cabinetry, coils and mechanical componentry. Get more information on our air conditioning cleaning services.

Damaged ductwork

Regardless of how excellent the craftsmanship is on a ducted air conditioning system, breaks or leaks in ducted air conditioning systems do occur. Even the smallest tear can allow cold air to escape from the ducts, and lower the cooling capabilities of your system. During a service a technician can inspect for tiny tears and repair them easily and quickly - before they turn into a much bigger problem.

Stuck or jammed motorised dampers

Through general wear and tear, the motorised dampers of an air conditioning system can get stuck or jammed. Dampers are mechanical doors that open to allow cool in when the unit is turned on. If these dampers are jammed or stuck then cool air won't be able to reach the room. A regular service will ensure that these gates are checked, and replaced as necessary.

Ducts that are blowing hot air

There are a large number of reasons why a ducted air conditioner could be blowing hot or warm air. The most common of these reasons is a dirty or clogged filter. Air conditioning filters work to catch dust or debris so that good quality air is sent around the area. These filters should be changed every 4-6 months and a technician will do so during a service. However, there are other reasons that your air conditioner may not be cooling at full potential, or blowing hot air.

Split system Temperzone repairs

Noisy unit

Split system air conditioners should be whisper quiet and unobtrusive. If your air conditioning unit is making noises while it's functioning, then it could likely be linked to the fan continuously running. There are many reasons why the fan isn't switching on and off, this could be as simple as the settings on the remote, or something more complex like a mechanical failure. A service with a one of our experienced Temperzone technicians will allow them to recognise and fix the problem.

A smell coming from the system

Air conditioners shouldn't produce any smell at all. If a bad smell is coming from your air conditioning unit, you should have it checked out immediately - and this can be recognised during a service. Bad smells coming from an air conditioner could be a sign of mould inside the unit, which can be hazardous to your health.

Temperzone air conditioner maintenance tips

The best way to ensure that your Temperzone unit is maintained properly is by booking a regular service. However, there are a few things you can do between services to keep your unit in tip top shape.

  • Clean the filters

  • Check your outdoor unit - if your air conditioner has an outdoor unit, you should regularly check that there's not plant growth that's blocking the unit.

Why choose Sun City Air?

Sun City Air is one of Australia's most reputable companies in the air conditioning industry. Not only do we stock and install the best units on the market, but we are also experts at servicing and repairing your units. Our business is family fun and our technicians have decades of experience, so you can feel safe and comfortable when enlisting our help.

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