Temperzone Air Conditioners

At Sun City Air, we have decades of experience in installing Temperzone air conditioners and can recommend them for their performance and reliability. Manufactured and distributed throughout Australasia, South East Asia and China, Temperzone’s concise climate control methods have led them to become a highly recognised and sought-after brand – one that has partnered with Hitachi to offer ground-breaking solutions to heating and cooling for business and residential applications.

Sun City Air is an authorised Specialist Temperzone dealer.

Temperzone Air Conditioner Supply And Installation Brisbane

Due to their reliability in both residential and commercial settings, we choose Daikin for air conditioning installations where your needs and budget require. At Sun City Air, we are experienced in installing units in areas that range in size from a family living room to a towering office block. In fact, Daikin’s flexible and reliable climate control solutions bring comfort to just about any building.

Benefits Of a temperzone air conditioning system

Temperzone air conditioning is built to withstand extreme conditions and situations, making it a very popular choice within the commercial sector. But there are benefits to having Temperzone in the home as well. A Temperzone air conditioner has many benefits, including:

A huge range: Temperzone units have a wide cooling capacity from 7kW to 27kW, meaning they can provide cooling for a home or office no matter the size.

Whole home solutions: Heat or cool every room in the house by utilising up to 6 separate zones.

Ease of control: Zone control with timers allow you to switch on your air conditioning at set intervals, with even air distribution to void hot or cold spots in your home.

Excellent aesthetics: Choose Temperzone ducted air conditioning for your home and avoid unsightly wall-mounted units. Only the grills mounted in your ceiling or your floor will be visible.

Quiet operation: Temperzone air conditioning is easily one of the quietest options on the market.

Value for money: A ducted air conditioning system from Temperzone can easily be more affordable than operating multiple wall-mounted split systems.

Regular Temperzone Air Conditioner Servicing

Just like any other air conditioner, a Temperzone air conditioner service should be undertaken at least once a year. This helps with efficiency and operational costs, and allows our technicians to catch problems before they become overwhelming.

We regularly undertake Temperzone services across Brisbane, led by our experienced team.

Temperzone Air conditioner Repairs Brisbane

Are you searching for Temperzone air conditioner repairs? For more information or to book a service, call us on 07 3283 5566 or request an obligation-free quote online now.