Hitachi Air Conditioning

Hitachi air conditioners are dedicated to bringing comfort to any space in any Australian household or business. Manufactured to be reliable and efficient, these high-end systems heat in the cold months and cool in the summer to provide optimal climate control no matter the temperature outside. With over 100 years of experience to their name, Hitachi produces a number of air conditioner models including wall mounted, ducted, multi-zone and cassette systems to suit a huge range of residential and commercial properties. And at Sun City Air, we install them all.

Hitachi Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

We have many years’ experience in installing air conditioners across Brisbane while also providing ongoing support in the form of servicing and repairs on all Hitachi models, including the ‘E’ series wall-mounted split systems that aim to limit bacteria and allergen levels. Hitachi also utilises reverse cycle inverter technology to provide ideal conditions all year round. If you’re looking to have a Hitachi system installed in your home or business, we can do so with minimal interruptions and downtime – meaning that you’ll be ready for summer sooner rather than later. We’ll go through all the options, from Hitachi ducted air conditioners to smaller split systems, and find something that truly fits your needs.

Split System Air Conditioning

Hitachi split system air conditioners are an ideal choice for the home or small office. Able to rapidly heat or cool a space, they’re whisperquiet and designed to be sleek and unobtrusive in a room. All Hitachi air conditioners are covered by an extensive warranty, meaning that any required repairs will be covered by the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind when you install one of these units.
Brisbane Air Conditioning Ducted

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is perfect for larger homes and offices, as it allows you to set the temperature for different “zones” or rooms, which are cooled via ductwork hidden in the ceiling. This makes Hitachi ducted air conditioning a great choice if you don’t want bulky units on your property.

VRF Air Conditioning Systems

Hitachi’s residential-level VRF systems allows for independent control of each area in your home, providing a high level of customisation for any space in which they’re installed. Their outdoor units are also designed to take up minimal space, with higher performance and energy efficiency than many other VRF systems on the market.
Brisbane Air Conditioning Ducted

Cassette Air Conditioning

Hitachi cassette systems are highly effective, flexible, and good for small- to medium-sized business. Four-way air flow allows for optimal cooling, while their overhead orientation allows for installation in spaces where ducted air conditioning is not possible.

Hitachi Air Conditioner Repairs And Servicing Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane and require a Hitachi air conditioner service, you’ve come to the right place. We have 6 decades of experience in installing, servicing and repairing all manner of air conditioners, meaning we have grown alongside air conditioning technology. Sun City Air will work with you to keep to a budget, and we promise a highly professional service. Call us today or get in touch with an expert.