Temperzone package unit

Temperzone has had the reputation of designing and building some of the best commercial air conditioners available for over sixty years. And, their excellent products certainly live up to the hype. Temperzone’s packaged unit air conditioners are no exception, they are made of high-quality parts, utilise impressive technology and have exceptional craftsmanship.

What is a packaged unit?

A packaged air conditioner - as the name implies - has all the operational components of the system encased in a single physical unit. It comprises the cooling coil, the compressor, the air filter and the air handling unit. The conditioned air that comes from the package is then transported via a duct to the building it is cooling.

These systems are typically mounted on a building's roof or ground mounted on a concrete pad. They can come in large capacities typically up to 100kW and for this reason, are often chosen for cooling large commercial floor spaces and in commercial buildings. 

Where space is tight the package unit is normally installed on the roof of the building - usually, there is space on the roof for multiple package units - which is often required in very large installations such as shopping centres and entertainment venues.

Our Temperzone Packaged Air Conditioning Units

Temperzone has a wide variety of packaged air conditioning units that can suit any air conditioning need. 

Econex Packaged Units

Econex Packaged Unit systems are designed especially for climate control because they have no issue going from producing cool air during the summer to heating spaces all winter long. These air-cooled package units use R32 refrigerant, which helps lower their carbon footprint compared to other types of refrigerants on the market.


  • Inverter Compressors
  • EC Plugs fans
  • EC Variable speed condenser
  • Dual EEV
  • BMS connectivity

Standard Family Package

The Standard Family Package system combines strength, reliability, quality and value. This unit handles constantly changing cooling or heating loads with ease, and has great climate control capability even when it comes to Australia's harsh climates.


  • Epoxy-coated coils to handle even the harshest weather conditions.
  • -10 to 52 degrees Celcius ambient temperature rating.
  • R410A refrigerant
  • 11.6 kw to 193 kw power ranges available

Eco Air Cooled Packaged Unit

Temperzone's Eco Air Cooled Packed Unit is one of the most energy-efficient packed units on the market. In fact, it's single-handedly raised the standard of what’s possible for larger packaged units. One of the standout energy-efficient features that is included in the Eco Air Cooled Packaged unit is its advanced variable-capacity compressor that will make sure the unit only works hard when required - keeping energy bills down.


  • R410A refrigerant
  • Dry Mode works as a dehumidifier.
  • EC plug fans which is up to 50% more effective than a belt-driven fan.

Maintaining and repairing your Temperzone Package Air Conditioner

Temperzone Package Air Conditioners have a reputation for being hardy and durable - provided they are properly maintained.

A well-maintained Temperzone Package Unit should provide at least 15 years of reliable service with many seeing useful lives well in excess of that.

The system is almost always capable of being repaired when it has broken down - with parts being readily available from Temperzone. Usually, the asset owner will need to choose whether it makes economic sense to repair rather than not being able to repair - which can't be said for all brands of air conditioners.