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Ducted air conditioning is a great option to effectively and quickly cool your house or commercial space. Aside from their considerable amount of cooling capacity, a ducted system has the advantage of splitting its cooling into zones. This means that property owners can cool just the areas they need, leading to reduced power bills and less wear and tear on the system.

If you've decided that a ducted air conditioning system fits your needs, then the next step will be deciding just which one to get. Temperzone ducted air conditioning is a great choice, they have a range of powerful and energy efficient air conditioning options.

Temperzone is a leading manufacturer and a trusted brand that has been in the air conditioning business for over half a century. Their parts are widely available - and we have trained and certified Temperzone technicians to assist whenever you require.


Our Temperzone Ducted Air Conditioners

Econex R32 Inverter Ducted Split

Available in Reverse Cycle (Heating and Cooling)

Capacity Range Nominal kW (Cooling) 14.8 (8.6~18.5), 19.5 (9.4~25.3), 23.3 (13.3~29.5), 35.1 (15.0~43.0)

The Temperzone Econex Inverter Ducted Split System is a reverse cycle unit, meaning that you can heat or cool your area with just one appliance. This ultimate climate control solution is hugely economical when considering buying a heater and an air conditioner separately.

This air conditioning solution integrates a technologically advanced feature called an inverter. The science behind inverters is complex, but it essentially means that the compressor motor in the unit won't continually turn on and off, but instead allows the motor to be slowed or sped up, without actually turning the motor off. The act of this regulates the temperature and saves a considerable amount of energy.

The Temperzone Econex R32 inverter ducted split system has a huge advantage when it comes to energy efficiency, thanks to its R32 refrigerant. This eco friendly type of refrigerant has a low critical temperature which makes it easier to achieve lower temperatures, and in turn, saves uses on electricity bills. Because lower temperatures are reached more quickly, energy bills are cut too.

Standard Ducted Split

Available in: Reverse Cycle (Heating and Cooling)

Capacity Range Nominal kW (Cooling): 37.6, 44.6, 56.1, 65.9

The standard ducted split system is a versatile system that allows both heating and cooling from within the same unit. It has an intelligent unit controller that ensures the system runs at its optimum efficiency.

It's built to withstand the rugged Aussie weather conditioners, with operational temperatures ranging between -15°C to 52°C, meaning that it will work well in even the most harsh climate. All Temperzone units are manufactured in the brand's Sydney Factory, so parts are readily available should you need any repairs. These units also have the ability to distribute air vertically or horizontally, making them very adaptable to all kinds of spaces.

ECO Ducted Split

Available in Reverse Cycle (Heating and Cooling)

Capacity Range Nominal kW (Cooling) 37.1, 56.6, 65.5, 84.7, 94.9 

Temperzone takes environmental impact very seriously, something that's demonstrated in their ECO ducted split model. They've installed a state-of-the-art variable capacity compressor in this model, so cool temperatures can be reached quickly and with less energy than many other models by other brands.

This innovative model has high static EC plug fans, which allow the unit to supply the exact airflow requirements needed. This makes the system up to 50% more efficient than belt driven fans, and 20% more efficient than AC fans.

All of the Eco Ducted Split systems are very powerful units. Their capacity ranges from 37.1kW up to a massive 94.9 kW. This gives it the ability to easily and powerfully cool huge spaces and the larger sizes are effective for commercial air conditioning needs.

Benefits of a Temperzone ducted air conditioning system

Eco friendly

Temperzone has some of the most eco-friendly units on the market. If you're someone who places minimising their eco foot print as a high priority - and someone who enjoys lower energy bills - then you should consider installing a Temperzone model.

Leaders in energy efficiency

Temperzone was the first manufacturer to use R-410A refrigerant (with a Zero ODP) as a standard across its entire split-ducted Temperzone range. This type of refrigerant doesn't deplete or damage the ozone layer, helping to minimise ecological footprints.

The brand has implemented many eco-friendly features in their unit, perhaps the most impressive is their use of inverter systems. This technology allows the motor to work more effectively, and can help users enjoy up to a 30% reduction on their air conditioning related energy bills.

Trusted brand

Temperzone began manufacturing air conditioners way back in 1956, meaning they have over six decades of experience in the business. Over this time, the company has worked hard to produce a range of very superior models.

Over the years, Temperzone has proven the first rate quality of their appliance. They are a household name that's synonymous with exceptional cooling solutions. Their ducted systems are known to be some of the best available within Australia.


Temperzone air conditioners come with very solid warranties. Many models come with a five-year warranty for parts and labour. However, it's important to note that the warranties to vary depending on the model you purchase. You can view their warranty by model here.

Industry leading alliances

Temperzone has an alliance with an internationally renowned electronics and air conditioning brand, Hitachi. Temperzone has the rights to exclusively distribute Hitachi air conditioners and air conditioning products within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Temperzone air conditioning systems installations Brisbane

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