Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning installation & supply in Brisbane

Ducted air conditioners are one of the most popular choices of air conditioning systems. They are high-capacity systems, work well in large areas and let users cool different zones, making them ideal for large houses.

When it comes to ducted air conditioning, Mistubishi is one of the most reputable and trusted brands on the market. The company has spent decades perfecting their systems and they regularly integrate new technologies, and provide great warranties.

Mitsubishi has a range of different ducted air conditioning options to suit varying preferences. To decide which ducted air system is best for you, you can find out more information about each option below, or your can arrange for one of our skilled technicians to visit your place for an evaluation.

Our Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioners

This air conditioning system is perfect for those looking for a discrete unit. It has a low-profile design that fits in even the smallest of spaces, thanks to its small size. The ducted systems are just 250mm in height and are specially designed to fit in tight ceilings with limited roof space.

This unit is also very adaptable for different room types. It has a flexible duct design making it well matched for virtually all room layouts.

This model has incorporated modern technology and implemented it into a high-quality ducted air conditioning system. It has integrated a smart system, allowing users to connect the air conditioner to their smartphone, tablet or online account and control it via wifi.

The customisable 3.5 inch colour LCD is another technologically advanced feature of this model. It also has a large backlit screen and simple menus for easy operation

Aside from the futuristic features, this powerful unit has a capacity of between 10-14 kW, giving it the strength to quickly and efficiently blast cool air around your home or space.

This model has a two-piece structure - allowing it to be installed between roof trusses. It's specifically designed to be installed in the roof, making it an unobtrusive air conditioning system that will let your home decor shine.

As well as being discrete, this ducted air conditioning system has a deluxe weekly timer which allows the user to set up to 8 temperature and airflow patterns per day for seven days. This makes the ducted air conditioner very energy efficient - saving you power and reducing your energy bills.

This model incorporates advanced inverter technology. Inverter systems keep the compressor motor running, rather than having it constantly switch on and off like older models.

This action saves a significant amount of electricity - studies have found that it can save users up to 30% off their air conditioning-related energy bills when compared to older fixed speed systems.

Along with this technology, this ducted system also has a smart system, meaning the AC can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet through wifi.

Ducted PEA-RP250WHA - 22kW

This ducted model is very similar to the Ducted PEA-RP170/200WJA - 16~19 kW, however, it offers more capacity with its 22kW. The extra power in this model allows it to cool very large spaces or zones. This air conditioner is one of the most powerful on the market and has the ability to cool spaces up to a massive 200 square metres.

Like the smaller model, it also has advanced technology. It has an inverter system implemented - making it energy efficient - and also has a smart system.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners

Advanced Zoning

Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems are industry leaders when it comes to zoning. They are very advanced in this aspect, and allow a large number of different rooms to be zoned off. The number of zones possible will depend on the particular unit you choose.

Superior energy efficiency

Mistubishi takes energy efficiency seriously. Every Mitsubishi air conditioning system has a very impressive ENERGY STAR® rating.

Sleek appearance

All of the ducted air conditioning systems by Mitsubishi have had aesthetics taken into account when they've been designed.

Great air quality

Most ducted systems have a single air filter, but every Mitsubishi electric air conditioner is actually equipped with two separate filters. This ensures that more dirt and debris is filtered out of the air, and clean air is circulated through air outlet vents and around the zone. This creates a healthier, safer and less irritating space.

They're smart

All new Mitsubishi electric air conditioners allow users to link the system directly to their phone, tablet or their smart home devices. This is very convenient for users, who can control their system from the palm of their hand.

Furthermore, the use of a smart system can allow homeowners to save significantly on their energy bills. Many people like to have a cool home once they arrive back, so rather than leaving the system on all day and racking up big energy bills, users can switch the AC on remotely 15-20 minutes before they arrive at their house.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning Installations Brisbane

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