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Hitachi is a well-established air conditioning brand and is famous for its high-quality units that are very energy efficient. They are a very popular choice with Australians and have developed some of the world's leading technologies for air conditioning.

Wall mount split system units and ducted air conditioning are the two most popular types of cooling solutions that are purchased from the brand. A split system is ideal for smaller areas, and ducted systems are great for large areas or an entire house with multiple rooms. If you've decided that a ducted air conditioner meets your needs, and are considering which brand to go with, read on to find more about the key features of a Hitachi ducted air conditioner system.

Our Hitachi Ducted Air Conditioners

RAD and RPI Ducted System air conditioners

Hitachi's split ducted air conditioners range comes in a range of capacities to suit varying area sizes and is packed with great features.

Their split ducted air conditioner has the following capacities available 5kW, 6kW, 7kW, 10kW, 12.5kW and 16kW, so regardless of the size of the residential space a user is looking to cool, they should be able to find an appropriate unit.

Although powerful, these units are surprisingly small. Their compact design and space-saving height of the indoor unit is 270mm on the RAD-E50, 60 and 70, allowing it to be slotted easily into very small installation spaces. And, their size isn't the only discrete thing about them. Hitachi's are whisper-quiet, they are designed to effectively deliver cool air while making next-to-no noise.

Hitachi has introduced an advanced zoning control for their ducted models. This control has a number of advanced features and allows up to eight different zones to be cooled separately. The system also allows each zone to be named, making the zoning system very easy to use.

A Hitachi split ducted air conditioner is known for its energy efficiency. Every model - both ducted and split system - have impressive energy star ratings. The brand has also introduced an 'eco' model on their ducted air conditioner, which allows users to reduce energy use even further, while still providing great cooling capacity.

Benefits of a Hitachi ducted air conditioning system

Excellent zone control

The ability to cool in zones is one of the most sought after features of ducted air conditioners. Zoning is when only specific areas of a house or space are cooled or heated.

Hitachi's ducted air conditioning system has impressive zoning abilities, it's able to cool up to 8 individual zones.

Zone control is popularly used during summer or winter months that have extreme temperatures. During these times of the year, energy consumption can be high and by only cooling or heating in selected zones, bills can be reduced.

Hitachi ducted air conditioning also gives users the option to name each zone which boosts ease of use and additionally shows the power consumption that's used per zone.

Great energy efficiency

All Hitachi air conditioners are very energy efficient. This is shown by their impressive energy star ratings. So, if you're looking to keep down your energy bills and the temperature of the space - all while being eco-friendly, then Hitachi's are a good choice.

Furthermore, Hitachi ducted air conditioners have specific settings that are designed to help you save even more power. The ducted models can be set to full power, which will cool your space very quickly, and still have the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency.

You can take the energy efficiency one step further by selecting the eco mode. This setting makes the system run at a slightly lower rate, which is the ideal option for reducing energy consumption but still cools effectively.

Comprehensive warranty

Hitachi ducted systems come with a five-year warranty for this country or region that is backed by one of Australia's largest manufacturers, Temperzone Australia. The warranty covers faulty material or workmanship within five years from purchase. To find out exactly what is covered, you can check out the terms and conditions here.

Innovative technology

Hitachi has implemented modern technologies into their ducted air conditioners by integrating a way to fully control your air conditioner on your phone by using their mobile app.

The app is called AirCloud Home and it offers the capabilities for users to remotely turn their unit on or off. This allows users to turn on their air conditioner shortly before they arrive home on a hot day, rather than leaving it on all day and racking up huge power bills.

The app also allows users to set a schedule for when they'd like their air conditioner to turn on and off. This is another useful power-saving technique. Plus, Hitachi has actually taken the schedule setting one step further.

If setting a schedule isn’t your thing the unit has an option called a smart fence. With this feature, a user can share their location with their unit, and when they are within a specified distance of their house the A/C will automatically turn on or off. This innovative feature helps to ensure a perfectly cooled house without wasting unnecessary power.

The app additionally has an easy to use customer service section, allowing quick and painless access to the award-winning Hitachi customer support team should a problem or issue arise

And, the app doesn't just allow users' air conditioners to be controlled via a smartphone. The app has the ability to connect to Amazon’s Alexa - and other virtual assistant devices - providing another hands-free way to control each of the categories on the air conditioner system.

Hitachi air conditioning systems installations Brisbane

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