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If you have a medium to large space or area to cool, then you're probably going to want a ducted air conditioning system. This type of air conditioner has the capacity to cool large spaces and has the benefit of being able to zone off areas.

Zoning means that cool air will only be delivered to the zoned area at any time required. This means you won't waste money cooling down rooms that you're not using. Zoning means that the Fujitsu system won't have to work unnecessarily either, increasing its lifespan. Fujitsu has a large range of air conditioners with different features and different capacities, so you can be sure to find one to fit your space perfectly.

Our Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners


The slimline ducted air conditioner from Fujitsu is designed to fit in very small spaces, making it ideal for areas without much space for an air conditioning unit. This model has a weekly schedule, allowing users to set the mode, fan and temperature to adjust for certain times and days of the week.

The unit also has a handy auto-restart feature that automatically restarts the unit if there is a temporary cut in power. This feature will ensure that the unit turns back on and to the same setting that was applied before the power was cut.

Slimline Plus

The Slimline Plus is a more premium version of the Slimline unit and has more deluxe features. Some of these features include a Blue Fin Heat Exchanger, automatic air flow adjustment and uses all DC technology.

All DC means that the power is converted from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). This means that the unit is more energy-efficient and operates with lower power usage, resulting in reduced energy bills. Blue Fin is a material that's corrosion-resistant and used that reduces heat transfer. Coastal homes can significantly benefit from air conditioners that have a Blue Fin heat exchanger in the outdoor unit.

High Static Single Phase Compact

This is a compact and lightweight indoor unit part of the air conditioner that allows more flexibility when installing. It's possible to connect up to eight zones to this model, which makes it ideal for mid to large sized houses.

The High Static Single Phase Compact is a great choice for households, as it only requires the use of single-phase power. Unlike some other units, which require an upgrade to a three-phase power supply.

High Static Single Phase

The high static single phase model is the same as the high static single phase compact model, however, the units are bulkier. If space isn't a problem - then this model is a great addition to any household.

It's packed with beneficial features, like the use of all DC, a connectable fan of fresh air intake and reverse cycle cooling and heating.


This unit can be separated into two parts, helping to make installation a breeze in existing homes. Like the High Static Single Phase Compact model, the Infinity model only requires single-phase power, which is beneficial for many households.

This model uses DC fan motors, DC rotary compressors and is exceptionally quiet and discrete. The DC technologies also ensure that the Fujitsu ducted system is very energy efficient.

High Static Three Phase

The High Static Three Phase model is a very powerful appliance. Its strength ranges from 10.5kW up to 25 kW. The largest size has the capacity to cool very big rooms that are over 220m2 in size.

This heavy-duty air conditioner is ideal for large office spaces or industrial warehouses. If you're looking for a powerful ducted air conditioner that still has many impressive features, it's hard to look past the High Static Three Phase model from Fujitsu.

Benefits of a Fujitsu Air conditioning system

Great warranty

Fujitsu is a very well-established brand, something that is demonstrated through its impressive warranty. Each Fujitsu air conditioner is backed by a 5-year parts and labour warranty and has an extension option for a small cost.

Impressive Wall-mounted LCD control

All ducted air conditioners should have a wall-mounted LCD controller, however, they're definitely not all as impressive as the ones that come with Fujitsu air conditioners. This brand has controls that have weekly timers, a touch screen, variable air volume settings and the ability to name certain zones. Some models have a technology that the brand has named "AnywAIR", a smart function that allows the system to be controlled remotely.

Energy efficiency

Fujitsu offers some of the most energy-efficient ducted air conditioners on the market. Much of this efficiency comes through the use of DC components, power diffusers and multi-path heat exchangers. It's been found that these features in Fujitsu air conditioners can help reduce power bills by up to 30%.

Large range of choices

Whether you're looking for a large unit that can cool a huge, industrial area, or you're after a small good quality system that's able to quickly and efficiently cool a small house, Fujitsu have you covered. The brand has a huge range of different sizes and capacities when it comes to ducted air conditioners. This large range also means you won't need to buy a unit that's slightly too big for your area - which can result in higher energy costs. Instead, you can find the perfect sized air conitioner for your space and ensure lower running costs.

To determine the ideal sized ducted air conditioner for your space, you can check out our guide here. Or, you can reach out to our customer service team to arrange an inspection with one of our technicians.

Fujitsu air conditioning unit installations Brisbane

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