Does Home Aircon Need Regassing?

In this article, we seek to address your air conditioning needs on the topic of air conditioning regassing!

However, you should always seek the help of an air conditioning systems professional to speak about your specific conditioning needs.

Together, you can best determine the cause of disruption to your conditioning systems.

What is an air conditioning regas?

An aircon regas is the process of removing old refrigerant gas from the existing system and then replacing it with new refrigerant; this ensures that your aircon will run cold again.

There are several signs to look out for in your air conditioning unit that may suggest a need for a re-gassing.

How often does an air conditioner need re-gassing?

It is rare that your air conditioning unit should need regassing.

If an air conditioner does need re-gassing- it is likely a sign that your system has not been installed correctly or it could be a manufacturing fault.

The quality of your home air is essential to enjoying your home, it is good to be cautious and keep an eye out for any signs that your air conditioner needs a re-gas.

If you hear any bubbling or hissing you should immediately turn your system off and contact your local air conditioning services (there are many various services throughout Australia) who will then send air conditioning technicians to help you.

Signs that your air conditioning unit needs re-gassing?

One sign that is indicative of a problem with your air conditioners (and in turn potentially affecting your home air) is the presence of icy piping.

Icy piping suggests that your conditioner system runs with such low amounts of refrigerant that the system itself has frozen.

Another symptom that suggests that your system needs a re-gas is if your air conditioners seem to be expelling warm air conditioning- despite being on for long periods.

New noises coming from your household appliances are often a cause for concern- and your air conditioning is no exception.

Noises are a serious matter, and it is time to call in the experts if this is happening!

Why does my air conditioner need a regas?

You may be wondering why your air conditioning systems require a re-gas, there are several possible reasons that your system needs a re-gas, we will explain the top causes below.

However, you should always seek the help of an air conditioning systems professional to speak about your specific conditioning needs. Together, you can best determine the cause of disruption to your conditioning systems.

Manufacturer's faults

One common reason that systems need re-gassing is a fault with manufacturing.

Poor manufacturing occurs more often with cheaply manufactured systems. However, it can happen with more quality brands also.

Poor installation

Another problem which may require a re-gas is the simple matter of poor installation. When installing your air conditioning unit, the air conditioning company will send somebody to install the unit.

It is also essential that pipework is cut correctly, this means ensuring that it is d-burred, flared, lubed and torqued, as without this a gas leak may well develop. Pipe connections are vital here.

Finally, service caps are used to reduce refrigerant leaks on the service valves on your air conditioner. It is essential that these aspects are suitably installed, or they will gradually loosen in the refrigerant.

The refrigerant is what keeps the air conditioning cold; therefore, a refrigerant leak is detrimental.

Wear and tear

There is the possibility that over years of usage and general wear and tear your air conditioner could well become susceptible to damage. Although this is a gradual process, it may require a reinstallation should it become too damaged.

Why not schedule maintenance check-up? This way, you can have peace of mind and rest assured that your air-con performs to the best of its ability.

Whilst these prospects may sound daunting, you can make sure to limit the chances of them happening by selecting a well qualified and experienced professional to install your air conditioner!

How much does an air-con regas cost?

There is no way to determine how much your specific air conditioning work would cost- as this is entirely dependant on the mechanic or other factors such as whether you require a straightforward re-gas or a full re-installation.

However, should your system need servicing, this money is well worth its while, as it could prevent further costs from incurring in the future!

How to find an air conditioning technician

To find a trustworthy technician, we recommend that you look online to find one near you.

Through online research, you can also assess their credentials and qualifications and ensure that their work is quality.

After all, as mentioned previously, a good air conditioning service is imperative to your system's longevity!


Here are some frequently asked AC questions:

Can I regas air conditioners myself?

There are kits available should you wish to attempt to fix your air conditioners yourself. However, we highly advise against this.

It is imperative that this is done to a high standard, and you may create further problems without the knowledge necessary to do so correctly.

What is a split-system regas?

A split-system regas is the regassing of a split system air con unit. For example, a wall split system unit.

A wall split system air conditioner has four connection points, two internally facing and two parts outdoors.

If your aircon receives improper welding, then small leaks may well develop, meaning that your aircon will become susceptible to breaking down and requiring increasingly more gas over time.

A professional can advise you on your specific issue.

Does an air conditioning system need regular maintenance?

If your aircon has been installed well and is of a good standard, it should not need frequent regassing.

However, as with all household appliances, it will benefit from a regular professional check-up to ensure that all is well. Get in touch with our air conditioning servicing team for more information on this.

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