Daikin ducted air conditioning installation & supply in Brisbane

When you live in a hot country like Australia, having air conditioning be non-negotiable - whether at home or in the office. Certain regions of the nation can get sticky and humid, and reach extremely high temperatures during the summer months.

Perhaps you've already decided that a ducted air conditioner will work best for your space, but where do you go from here? It's important to choose a high-quality unit that has the features you require and is made by a trustworthy brand.

Daikin air conditioners have been manufactured since 1924 and were founded in the technologically advanced country of Japan. These systems are reputable, have long life spans, and have great features. There is a range of different ducted systems available from Daikin, and below we outline some options. All of the listed models are reverse cycle - meaning they're able to both heat and cool a room.

Our Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners

Daikin Premium Inverter Ducted

Inverter air conditioners are a technology used in AC systems that control the speed of the compressor motor. In a non-inverter air conditioner, the motor is constantly switched on and off, increasing power usage and decreasing the lifespan of the unit.

The Daikin premium inverter ducted system utilises this technology by using the highest quality inverter available in the Daikin range. The inverter means that the system is energy efficient which, in turn, means lower energy bills, and a more eco-friendly AC system, while still having the ability to cool very large areas.

Daikin Inverter Ducted

A Daikin Inverter Ducted air conditioner is similar to the premium model, in the sense that it has inverter technology installed and will reduce the energy output of the unit. This will consequently result in lower power bills and more eco-friendly air conditioning.

This system is slightly less energy efficient than the Premium unit, and has a narrower operating range, but does this at a lower price.

Daikin Slim-Line Ducted

If you're looking for an AC system with remarkable energy efficiency, that has the power to effectively cool big spaces, but don't have much ceiling space to play with, then the Daikin Slim Line Ducted is a great choice.

This air conditioner has a slim design, meaning it can fit in smaller spaces than the standard range, but doesn't compromise on cooling ability.

The Daikin Slim-Line Ducted system has all the impressive features of a high-quality air conditioner, like a schedule timer, quick heat and cool mode and automatic airflow adjustment.

Daikin Bulkhead System

The Daikin Bulkhead System is another ducted system that's ideal for an area where a discrete installation is preferred. They are commonly used where the building layout does not facilitate the installation of long duct runs. They are commonly used to service a single room and often concealed above built in wardrobes.

This Daikin ducted system is ideal for areas that have high humidity thanks to its intelligent airflow control, which allows the system to reduce the humidity, without changing the indoor temperature.

Benefits of Daikin Air conditioners

Great service options

Daikin is a very well-known brand when it comes to air conditioning, that's why they've enlisted certified retailers and technicians to work with the brand. They've picked out the best of the best AC technicians and approved them as capable of servicing, fixing and installing their units. At Sun City Air, we're proud to share that Daikin has accredited us as registered and certified Daikin technicians.

High quality materials

Daikin is well and truly established in the air conditioning industry and has a reputation for having very high-quality products. This reputation has come about because of thousands of happy customers who have had great experiences with Daikin products.

The great Daikin experience can be attributed to the high-quality materials that they use in their products, as well as the high level of expertise their makers have.

A leader in inverter technology

We have already touched on the advantages of inverter technology in air conditioning units, it saves a considerable amount of power and increases the life span of an AC unit. In fact, studies have shown that inverter technology can reduce AC-related power bills by up to 30% when compared to fixed speed systems. Daikin has embraced the inverter technology, improved it, and implemented it into many of its products.

Because the motor isn't constantly turning on and off, air conditioners with inverter technology have the added benefit of being whisper quiet. So, as well as being energy efficient, they can provide discreet air-conditioned comfort.

Outstanding warranty protection

Every single new Daikin product comes with a warranty. These warranties are broad and thorough and can help give you peace of mind when investing in a costly ducted system. Most of their product warranties are 5 years - parts and labour. Should you have a problem with your Daikin air conditioner during the warranty period - Sun City Air Conditioning will be able to rectify it for you on Daikin's behalf. We have a team dedicated to Daikin service repairs.

Heating with Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

Every single air conditioning in the Daikin range offers reverse cycle - allowing the ability to heat and cool.

If you live in an area where you require both heating and cooling features, a reverse cycle air conditioner will save you on having to maintain both heating and cooling systems in your property.

The heating capabilities in all Daikin products are excellent and, as long as the right size is picked, they have the ability to reach the desired temperature of a room - whether its icy and cold, or toasty and warm.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning Installations

Sun City Air Conditioning Brisbane is a family-run business that has decades of experience with air conditioning systems. We pride ourselves on helping customers and will always try and find the most cost-friendly solution for them.

Our team are skilled Daikin specialists and are experts at installing, repairing and servicing any type of Daikin system. Call us on 07 3283 5566 or fill out a quick quote to get your air conditioner back up and running!