Actron package unit

On a hot summer day, it is practically non-negotiable to have an air conditioner from a trusted brand. Since 1984, Actron has been designing some of the most energy-efficient and highest quality air conditioning systems on the market. Actron is an Australian market leader in the design and manufacture of package air conditioners.

What is a package unit?

A package unit air conditioner is just as the name suggests. It is an air conditioner that is a single unit that contain all elements of the cooling system in the same cabinet, rather than separately.

Unlike split systems, packaged air conditioning units don't have an outdoor and indoor unit. They can easily be installed on the roof of a building or a slab mounted on the ground.

Once a package unit is installed, it will push cooled air into ducts at the predetermined temperature.

Package units are air conditioning systems that are ideal for industrial and commercial spaces because:

  • they come in very large cooling capacities and have high air flow

  • all the cooling system is easily accessible for maintenance and repairs

  • when the come to end of life they are easily changed

  • they are often mounted on the roof - which is otherwise unused space

Our Actron Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

Actron has a wide variety of packaged air conditioning units. They have used their professional expertise to ensure their products are of very high quality.

Fixed Speed Model


  • 20kw-40kw
  • BMS option
  • Multiple handling options
  • Variable speed indoor fans 
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Fixed speed compressor

Variable Model


  • 16kw - 33kw 140 kw 200 kw
  • Reheat option
  • CO2 senor
  • Economy cycle option
  • BMS option
  • Multiple handing options
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Variable speed indoor fan
  • Variable speed compressor

Tri-Capacity Model


  • CO2 sensor option
  • BMS option
  • Economy Cycle option
  • Multiple handling options
  • Variable speed indoor fan
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Multistage compressor


How do packaged air conditioners work?

Put simply a packaged air conditioner works the same as other air conditioners by removing heat and humidity from the air to be supplied via ducts to the areas required.

Once cool, the air will be distributed throughout the building using a system of ducts that send the cold air to specific zones or rooms. 

Packaged air conditioners are a popular choice because of their one piece manufacture allowing for the entire air conditioner to be roof or ground mounted. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of packaged unit air conditioning system?


All of the air conditioning components sit within the same unit. This helps to simplify and lower the cost of installation.

Package air conditioners are very effective at cooling or heating large spaces.

Maintenance is generally quite straightforward, as all the components are located in close proximity.


The main disadvanatge of a package unit air conditioner is that they are often not as energy efficient as a number of smaller air conditioners with the same combined capacity.

What is the difference between a split system and a package unit?

A package unit air conditioner has all cooling components in one box, a split system has an indoor and outdoor joined with refrigerant pipework.

Packaged air conditioners are generally placed outside and do a great job of heating or cooling larger areas. They also have the benefit of not taking up any space internally.

Split systems do not normally come in the same large capacities as package unit air conditioners - mean you will need to install multiple systems to achieve the same capacity as a large capacity package unit.

You will spend more to install individual split systems for the same combined capacity as a package unit air conditioner.

How do rooftop packaged units work?

 A packaged rooftop unit is an all-in-one heating and cooling system that can be installed on the roof of a building. They are commonly used for larger areas and commercial spaces. Packaged rooftop units pull warm air over an evaporator coil that cools the air. The cold air is sent into air ducts which distribute it into rooms or zones.

Who would want to install a package unit?

Package air conditioners are great for larger areas and commercial spaces. Packaged units allow for flexible and easy installation, making them a great choice for commercial applications.