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When the harsh Australian summer hits, ducted air conditioning is a saving grace for hundreds of thousands of Australians. This type of system discretely delivers powerful cooling to large spaces.

If you're thinking of installing ducted air conditioning in your house or commercial space, then you should consider what size you'll need, as well as what brand will fit your needs best. Different brands offer different features and have specific advantages. When considering which brand is best for you, you should look specifically at the type of systems each has to offer. Carrier air conditioners not only has a reputation for having high-quality craftsmanship, but they also have a large range of units available. Read on to find out more about each type of ducted air system Carrier has available.

Our Carrier Ducted Air Conditioners

The makeup of a ducted air conditioner is relatively complex. However, the main components include ducts, as well as indoor and outdoor units. Below is the range of Carrier ducted air conditioners we have available as a cooling solution for your space.

Slimline ducted – SHDS series

If you're looking to cool a small to the medium-sized house for residential purposes or small offices with a high-quality system that's extremely reputable, then a Carrier Slimline ducted - SHDS series fits the bill well.

These systems are compact in design, therefore, these air conditioners are ideal for an area where there is not a large amount of space or somewhere with minimal ceiling space. Despite their compact size, these units pack a punch. They have the capacity to efficiently cool large spaces and utilize zoning, meaning separate areas or multiple rooms can be operated at the same time - or a single area can be cooled.

The Slimline ducted - SHDS series has very effective static pressure for low profile mid static ducted, which results in premium airflow and air distribution.

As well as boasting strong cooling capabilities, they utilise inverter technology, which is an advanced component that ensures that electricity is used efficiently and effectively. In fact, inverter technology has been shown to reduce air conditioning-related power bills by up to 30%.

Another added benefit of this Carrier system is that it operates as a reverse cycle unit, so it has the ability to heat as well as cool. This saves the owner from buying two separate expensive appliances.

High Static ducted – SHDV series

If you're in the market for an air conditioner that can cool a large, multi-story home - or a vast commercial space, then the High Static ducted - SHDV series is an excellent choice.

This unit is extremely powerful, and its importance of this shouldn't be misunderstood. If a unit isn't powerful enough for its given space, it will consistently attempt to adequately cool the space - even if it doesn't have the capacity to do so. This will not only push up power bills significantly, but it will cause a considerable amount of extra wear and tear on the unit and shorten its life span.

The Carrier high powered high static ducted -SHDV series unit has the ability to confidently handle ducts that run to numerous outlets.

The powerful operation of the high static ducted SHDV series may have you assuming that it will be bulky and complex to install. This actually isn't the case. The indoor unit of this system can easily be concealed in the ceiling space, and the outdoor unit can be placed in an unobtrusive position outside.

Furthermore, it is a single phase which allows for greater flexibility and minimises installation costs. The Carrier High Static Ducted - SDHV series runs quietly and utilises inverter technology, making it extremely energy efficient.

Benefits of a Carrier Air conditioning system

They're a trusted brand

Carrier Air Conditioning was actually founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning, Willis Carrier, way back in 1902, and is a very trusted brand. For over a century, Carrier has been providing high-quality and extremely effective cooling solutions.


When it comes to ensuring the eco-friendliness of air conditioners, Carrier is one of the world's leaders. Since 1994, they've been phasing out ozone-depleting refrigerants and introducing eco-friendly solutions.

Their ducted air conditioners also utilise inverter technology - which is very energy efficient. Put simply, inverter technology in air conditioners works to control the speed of the compressor motor inside the unit.

Normal, non-inverter air conditioners turn the motor on and off, which uses additional energy. The technology of an inverter system allows motoring to be slowed or sped up without actually turning the motor off. The act of this regulates the temperature and saves a considerable amount of energy.

So, because of their impressive energy efficiency capabilities, Carrier air conditioning systems have environmental advantages, as well as the advantage of helping to keep down your power bills.


If you're investing in a ducted system, it's very important to ensure that there is a solid warranty in place should anything go wrong. This is something you needn't worry about when it comes to Carrier units.

Whether you opt for a High Static ducted – SHDV series or a Slimline ducted – SHDS series, both units come with five year warranties. This warranty covers functional parts such as: blower motor, compressor, coil, control board, heat exchanger. For more information about the warranty that covers Carrier air conditioners, please contact us.

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