Why can’t your air conditioning system keep everyone comfortable? ‘Comfort conditions’ for an air conditioned environment are generally accepted to be 22-24 degrees and 50% humidity – yet sometimes this is far from the outcome reliably achieved. A properly designed and installed air conditioner should be able to maintain ‘comfort conditions’ all year round. If your system isn’t doing this we can help work out why and make suggestions on how to improve your air conditioning outcomes.

  • Hot and Cold Spots

    Do your premises have some rooms that are always hot, whilst others are cold? Often this can be attributed to a poor design or a change in layout. Sun City loves solving these issues. However, everyone feels temperature differently, so we often deploy data loggers to get real objective data and confirm problem areas. From there we can determine the cause and make suggestions on ways to resolve the issue.

  • Consistently warm

    Are there hot spots in your office or home? Sometimes we can optimise what is already installed to achieve more comfortable outcomes. Other times we will need to augment your existing system, this will invariably be cheaper than a full scale replacement.

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